5 Best WordPress Chat Plugins

5 Best WordPress Chat Plugins

By carolc

In these pandemic times, these live chat plugins have become the simplest, most expeditious and efficient way to connect with your customers to solve any problem. Messages are protected and the possibility to meet any requirement of your customers, from anywhere and through any device, such as a tablet, PC or mobile phone. That’s why the plugins offered by WordPress live; give you a personalized attention that in the final is what customers are looking for.

These live chats, encourage reliability and have the full potential to get your business to the next level.

Advantages of chat plugins

These plugins bring many benefits for your customers, as well as potential ones.

Customers will get instant solutions

  • From user data, you can gain a lot of knowledge
  • Increased customer satisfaction from the experience of having first-hand help.
  • Getting to keep a lot more people interested for potential customers

As a WordPress user, many advantages will bring you, using an online chat, which will be a breakthrough in front of your competitors by offering a live chat. For this, there are many plugins for chat in WP, that are super simple and that you will have the opportunity to include it on your website.

Live Chat Unlimited

This chat offers intelligent and fast support directly to customers from the website, where it shows many options that are beneficial for users. Even if you are not online, there is a form that you can complete and wait for your prompt response. It features a multi-license version and can be used on multiple websites, easily integrates with WordPress with multi-language support. It can handle more than one operator. It has message encryption which makes it even more attractive for the issue of security.

Ninja Team Facebook Messenger for WordPress

This Messenger plugin with online chat allows integration with Facebook Messenger within your website. It allows interaction with your business and customers at any time of the day. Make you experience a good personalized relationship with your customers through Messenger.

Among its functions, it can load the history of the conversation you have had with your client, allowing you to have a continuity of the conversation. Even if they had already left the website; which doesn’t make it necessary to search for past information, because everything will be in your previous chat in Messenger.

Support button and callback

This plugin shows us on each page of propaganda form to provide us with as many contact methods as possible. You have the ease of choosing which contact methods you want to display, both in the desktop version and that of your mobile. This way you can establish links that take you directly to your desktop version as well as to the mobile version. This plugin supports various social communication options, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Zendex, Skype, Telegram among others.

WP Live Chat Support

One of the advantages of this WordPress plugin, is how simple it is when using it, it can be customized and it draws more attention is that it is totally free. You can upload it to your website and start enjoying its advantages and thus improve your conversations with customers.

It has multi-language support, although it is free, you can add many functions to the chat, such as access to the chat service from your mobile, SMS, etc.

Zendesk Chat

Before known as Zopim, the new chat called Zendesk, will have the option to communicate live with your users with multiple options for this purpose. From fairly advanced reports and metrics panel, where it will be displayed, the level of satisfaction, the duration of it, chats that have been lost, etc.

It has a free version that gives you the option of a single chat at a time, with the option to purchase a paid license that will give you the option to expand and add specialized support in case you have any problems with the tool; others have a license extension option to provide phone support for your customers.

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