How to wear a wrist heart rate monitor

How to wear a wrist heart rate monitor

By carolc

There are many advances in the area of medicine, especially when it comes to the heart. For some time now, have been incorporated into the market, different mechanisms to measure cardiac pulsations, from pectoral bands to the most recent ones on the wrist, which have arrived to stay and thanks to the comfort they provide, have become very popular, reaching all levels of the market.

Heart rate monitors are designed to provide information that promotes a healthier and especially more active life. These devices incorporate sensors that are able to record movement. The information that is collected is used to generate metrics regarding the health of the person, although this data may not be as reliable, in front of devices that are much more accurate. These devices are not medical devices, so they should not be used for this purpose.

Heart rate accuracy

Measuring heart rate through the wrist with portable devices are useful tools that provide accurate information about the user’s heart rate. In fact, they are designed to monitor it 24 hours a day. These measurements vary and will depend on user activity.

How the heart rate meter works

Wristband devices to measure heart rate are made up of a series of photodiodes that are nothing more than sensors that emit light, sometimes infrared, green or white; these perform different functions. These diodes differ by those who emit light and those who receive it when it is reflected. When we say that it is reflected, it is because these devices are placed well close to the skin, so that the light that is emitted can reach our veins. When the light is twisted because as we well know, the blood is red and it absorbs the red light, instead it reflects the green light, that is when the diodes sensitive to light capture this information and thus can detect the amount of blood that may be flowing in that moment by the wrist.

When we are exposed to any activity, whether sporty, social, or perhaps emotional, our heart changes completely. That is, its heartbeat accelerates or decreases depending on how exciting or demanding the activity is. That is why when the heartbeat is faster, the blood flow that passes through the veins is greater and the absorption of green light is greater, but when the blood flow is less between heartbeat and heartbeat, this reading is decreased. This blinking a hundred times for every minute, you can determine the heart rate at that particular time.

Factors against

  • As much as the conditions are given, they may not allow good data to be obtained to determine heart rate.
  • The amount of blood circulating through people’s veins varies from one being to another.
  • Very cold climates make blood flow not very good through the wrist, which would impair your heart rate reading.
  • Some movements definitely significantly affect heart rate reading, running or cycling, are more relaxed movements, instead boxing or basketball causes sudden and irregular movements.
  • Tattooed skin can block sensor light, affecting its performance and monitoring will be compromised.
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