How to create Blogger template for Your Blogspot website

How to create Blogger template for Your Blogspot website

By IsraeliPanda

In this method, no coding is involved. Just an easy drag & drop interface to create Blogger template. More interestingly, it is a whole answer to the often requested questions by means of readers that how to make responsive Blogger template as all the templates designed with TemplateToaster Blogger template creators are responsive by means of default. Check out Blogger Templates.

TemplateToaster is the handiest approach to create a Blogger template. Just download it with the aid of touring the authentic site. Its trial model is free. Follow the effortless steps to install. You will make a CMS selection. As TemplateToaster helps many CMSs, you will see many options. But you will pick Blogger.


Step1: Choose a Platform

Now, you will get the display to pick a pattern template to personalize the blogger template from scratch. Select “Start From Scratch” and double click on “Modify”.


Step2: Choose Color scheme and typography

From the subsequent screen, you can pick out a coloration scheme and font typography for your template. You can trade it every time all through designing.  It has many self-depicting tabs like Header, Menu, Footer, Content, Slideshow, Sidebar, and so on. It helps you with thousands of state-of-the-art alternatives to planning a special template.


Step 3: Designing the Header

Select the Header tab from the top menu of the foremost screen.

Now, set the width by way of deciding on the Width option. Here, a Full-Width header is placed. Select the Background option. It will assist you to set a historical past color, gradient, or image. Here, a Background Image is selected. It offers you a picture gallery however you can additionally browse your very own customized image.


Step 4: Designing The Menu

Specify the Menu Position with appreciation to the header.

Here, the Menu is positioned Inside Header with the aid of deciding on the Inside Header option. Set the Height of the Menu. You can additionally specify a customized menu height. Set a Background coloration for the menu. You can additionally set a gradient or image. Even, you can make a customized coloration with the aid of specifying distinct brightness and opacity with More Color. Set the Typography of menu items. Here, you have extraordinary selections reachable as Font family, size, color, alignment, etc. You can additionally set a special coloration on special states of a menu button, with Menu Button Properties option, a history coloration is precise for the Home menu button. Finally, set the alignment of menu objects through Menu Button Properties → Alignment → Horizontal → Left to Page.


Step 5: Designing the Sidebar

TemplateToaster offers you many choices to follow left, proper, or each sidebar. Here, a left sidebar for search is positioned from the sidebar tab. Set a history shade for it. The rest of the work for including widgets will be executed after export.


Step 6: Designing the Content (Main Area)

Now for designing the content part, pick the Content tab. If you desire to show metadata i.e facts about the publish like title, posted date, author, class, etc., click on Metadata → Show Metadata. You can set the variety of columns in the content material area. For that, cross to Columns alternative and pick the appropriate option.


Step 7: Designing the Footer

Finally, diagram the footer with the Footer tab. Set the width as Full width. From the Background option, practice a history color Place the social media icons from the Social Icons alternative and hyperlink them to suitable sites. You can pick out any icon from the icon gallery that matches your design. Now, double-click the copyright textual content to customize it. It will open a Format tab. From here, you can set alignment, perspective, or typography of text.


Step 8: Export the Template

Once you are prepared with your template, export it. For that, pick out the export alternative from Quick Toolbar. It is the final choice in the rightmost place. You can additionally pick out the Export choice from the File menu.

Once you click on export, you will see an Export Blogger Theme dialog box. Write the folder identify and path. Click the Export button.

Now, a Google money owed dialog will open. Here, pick out a present account from the drop-down menu or add a new account title and click on Save. Now, it’ll redirect you to Google sign-in page. Here, provide your electronic mail and click on Next. Enter the password and double click on Next.


Grant the permissions to TemplateToaster by means of clicking ALLOW. You will be redirected to the Blogger dashboard. Now from the left pane of the screen, head to head to Backup/Restore. Upload your exported template file right here via browsing. Select the template file by means of clicking Open. Upload the template file. Now in the Theme section, you can see your personal theme. Go to Posts from the left pane of the monitor. Navigate to the New Post choice to post a new post.


Once you draft you publish in the blogger put up editor, you can Publish it. Similarly, you can add extra posts. Now you will click on the View Blog alternative to preview the weblog page.

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