Install AppMetrica Yandex for iOS

Install AppMetrica Yandex for iOS

February 25, 2021 By carolc

AppMetrica’s platform has the peculiarity of tracking ads, app analytics and traffic targeting, with a revamped mobile analytics platform. Through Yandex’s free service, it allows them to view advertisers, their campaigns and how they impact the advertising world.

AppMetrica offers shock analytics with cross-platform interaction in real time. As well as tools that integrate traffic source segmentation for group analysts.

AppMetrica has reinvented itself to become more attractive to brands; obtaining raw data will help them create personalized reports that will drive decision-making to a more supported course.

Some features of the app

  • Counter tracking is super easy to manage.
  • You can track users based on their roles.
  • Metric charts designed widget where you can summarize usage of sites and home pages.
  • From the display pane, users will be given access based on their roles.
  • You have the option to give it access to APIs if you want, but if not, you can try the basic mode.

Installation and initialization

There are two frameworks in the AppMetrica library, one called Core and the other Crash-Handling. Note that if you do not use the application lock control, you will need to add only the main part of the library. With this action, the size of the app will be reduced by a large percentage.

AppMetrica allows the use of the following platforms, iOS extension, tvOS and iOS watch.

Proceed to enable the library

The following dependency managers can work with the library:

CocoaPods supports static and dynamic frames within your library.

If you want the control lock framework to work, you must add the following dependency in the podfile:

  • Static frame: pod ‘YandexMobileMetrica’, ‘3.14.0’
  • Dynamic frame: pod ‘YandexMobileMetrica/Dynamic’, ‘3.14.0’

If you want to enable the library without lock control:

  • YandexMobileMetrica/Static/Core or YandexMobileMetrica/Dynamic/Core dependency

Without dependency managers

Enable the library, with the following steps:

Locate the AppMetrica library and download it.

To the project add the following: “YandexMobileMetrica.framework” and if you want to enable locks, place: “YandexMobileMetricaCrashes.framework”.

Place the following dependencies: ‘SystemConfiguration’, ‘UIKit’, ‘Foundation’, ‘CoreTelephony’, ‘CoreLocation’, ‘CoreGraphics’, ‘AdSupport’, ‘z’, ‘sqlite3’, ‘Security’, ‘c++’, ‘SafariServices’.

Place: “-ObjC” to “Other Linker Flags”.

Initialize the library

Through the application, initialize the library within the software: “application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions” As a method of “UIApplicationDelegate”.

To have better handling of profile and revenue attributes, you need to set up event sending, this is completely optional. With this you can achieve the collection of the user’s actions, their events through the configuration of the attributes of the profiles.

Test how the library works

You’ll have the option to see how the library works.

  • Start by initializing the AppMetrica app.
  • Use the AppMetrica app with the SDK and use it for a while.
  • You must make sure your device has an internet connection.
  • Being inside the app, make sure in the interface that there is a new user in the audience report.
  • Make sure that the number of sessions has increased.

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