How to set a page as home page on WordPress

How to set a page as home page on WordPress

By carolc

Create and maintain a blog or maybe another type of website, you can do it with WordPress since it is a very powerful content management system. It has almost 10 years in the market, it has an immense repertoire of themes or templates on its official page, and it is a very simple but quite intuitive system that allows the creation of web content of high quality and complexity.

This system is ideal for a website that needs to be updated periodically, since it has the ease of keeping the content sorted where you will find the latest ones and in order the oldest ones.

To present the essence of your website, you can set up a homepage. This will help you capture the attention of your audience and potential buyers or users looking for information.

Wanting to set up this information can seem intimidating, if you don’t have the experience to modify your website. The good thing is that WordPress offers the possibility to set up your homepage and is not complicated at all.

What is the WordPress homepage?

One of the most important things about a homepage is that it makes a good impression on visitors, as it is the gateway to your website. Your home page should provide a clear and concise idea that your website is about and what is being offered on it. This is crucial to attracting the attention of potential customers.

By default, the posts you make on your blog are what will be displayed on your homepage, which may not seem appealing to users’ eyes. However, you may want this changed and want to display a different image to welcome your users. Here’s how to do it.

Set a homepage in WordPress

The first thing you need to do is select the content you want your homepage to have, then design it to your liking and once you have everything ready, you can edit it.

  • When in WordPress, go to the “Settings” section and click “Read Settings”. There you can appreciate, that the option that is selected is “Your last entries”, so you always view your posts as your home page, within that same selection, you can select a static page.
  • By selecting the static page option, there you can choose what your homepage will be.
  • Choose the page you designed at the beginning and that you wanted to be the main one. You will also have the opportunity to set what the entry page will be.
  • In the “Reading Settings”, you find more options, such as the amount of text that will be displayed in the feeds, the messages that customers will receive and the visibility in the search engines.

It’s now up to you to try your website, change your homepage and transform your WordPress into a complete, harmonious web page with your ideals. Remember that this tool offers you much more than a blog.

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