Best Screen Recorder with Audio for PC

Best Screen Recorder with Audio for PC

By carolc

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There are different ways and procedures to record the content of your screen, at any given time, when we talk in ways. We mean software that are designed for this purpose, whether for Windows, MacOs, or maybe an application for Android/iOS, which are able to record a computer screen or mobile device, a live video, to design a tutorial of a product, or while you are playing, all with its built-in audio or with your voice directly in the recording.

One of the platforms that have been triggered in these times of pandemic, are video tutorials. These are present in all areas of our daily life to share information of any kind. When recording screens from your PC, whether it’s designing a course for work or for a live streaming video for YouTube, it would be highly unlikely that you’ll have difficulties without capturing the screen and a sound recorder. Now if what you want is what you will get in the final product, you will need software that handles the screenshot and sound editing, all included.

We will show you the best screen recorders with audio recording included. Most are free or give you the option to try them for a period of time and with basic facilities, others have platform compatibility capabilities and are quite easy to use.

EaseUS RecExperts

With this software, with a single click, you can start a recording. So far, it is one of the simplest but very capable software, which perfectly captures everything you want to show on your screen. It has a good use of connected devices, such as webcam, microphones and any other that is necessary for its proper functioning. By 2021, it has been listed as the best screen recorder. The EaseUS RecExperts, has caught a lot of attention among users.

You can download EaseUS RecExperts from this link.


Camtasia has positioned itself as one of the best software to record content from the screen of your PC. In addition to being super easy to use, its interface is quite simple and very intuitive. It allows you to record anything and has a video editor that will give you a plus to add cuts, montages on the content of your recording.

You will be able to import videos in total HD from other sources, also place links that with just one click will generate dynamic content. It is cross-platform and has a trial version for 30 days.

You can download Camtasia from this link.

Movavi Screen Recorder

One of the advantages of this application is that it is free, although it has a version that requires payment. This tool offers you a lot of options to edit and mold your captures by adding music, creating filters, adding slides, changing the contrast when creating a new project. It has the peculiarity of being quite simple when it comes to using it. In fact it was designed for those who are starting out in the world of video editing.

You can download  Movavi Screen Recorder from this link.


TechSmith is the company that develops this powerful tool, which allows you to capture and record screen with incredible speed. You can add comments as well as design visual instructions in a very simple way. This software will help you record a video with quality, audio including your voice, where you will have the opportunity to guide users with visual instructions. It is a very easy tool to understand.

It has a free version for thirty days.

You can download Snagit from this link


Last but not least, we find Bandicam, a screen streaming software with the ease of recording your computer screen, the sound of the system with its microphone included. It is cross-platform extremely easy to use, you can take screenshots of your screens, record live actions, the voice is recorded quite clearly and without delays. Ideal for your conferences, games, video calls or seminars. You always have the option to add your comments directly from your microphone or a video taken directly from your webcam.

You can download Bandicam from this link.

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