How to set the autoresponder on Yandex mail

How to set the autoresponder on Yandex mail

By carolc

The closure of stores worldwide caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted millions of people to reinvent themselves against the use of technology to acquire products and services. This has been the case for the Russian population that has become even more involved in e-commerce. Many companies have already set out to dominate a niche that is increasingly maximized in the Russian nation.

This coupled with the prohibitions they have undertaken from the spheres of government power on large e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Google.

One of these platforms is Yandex email, which offers storage from 10GB and if required the platform can increase its storage in 1 GB steps as required.

Yandex mail offers access via POP and IMAP, allowing you to be configured on any desktop or mobile mail platform, including the web interface of the application. It can also be accessed via secure SSL and TLS connections. It has the ease of being able to close remote sessions from the web version. It has a rather colorful user interface, thanks to the themes it includes in its repertoire. It has a translator that allows you to write in any language.

Yandex has a cloud service that is integrated with mail that allows you to send larger files without compromising the space your application uses. You can receive files of different formats such as PDF, Doc, PPT among others, which can be executed directly from Yandex Mail.

Yandex mail template

Yandex mail you have the option to configure a message template and the ease of assigning it to a button on the message and list toolbar. This button is intended to give an automatic answer, sending the template that was designed for this purpose as an immediate answer, without confirmation let alone ask questions.

When designing the template, it can only be assigned to a button as an automatic response so it is recommended that the response be the most used by you.

Email template

If you want to send a semi-automatic response with just one click using a repetitive Yandex email, you must ensure that the auto reply option is enabled, with this the message you want to send must already be configured.

To get started, you must open the message you want to reply to, or select it from the list of received messages. You should be aware that you cannot verify and reply to more than one email at a time, using the Auto replay option.

  • Click Automatic Reply on the message toolbar.
  • If the auto reply option is not displayed, search for it by clicking “More” on the toolbar and selecting “Auto Reply”.
  • The response to be sent will be that of the auto reply template without any required confirmation.

Set the Autoresponder on Yandex Mail

The auto reply button can be configured as follows:

  • Go to the Yandex inbox email.
  • Hover over the Yandex toolbar at the top.
  • On the bar you can see items such as Forward, Compose and Verify Mail.
  • Above the settings icon click the auto reply, may not be highlighted, if it is not, hover over “Auto replay”.
  • Inside the “Auto Reply” button you can see the settings icon, click on it.
  • You should choose an email template for quick answers, then click on “Save”.
  • Then click on “Save Changes”. This will set up auto-response in Yandex Mail.
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