How to install Yandex Zen App on Android and Apple

How to install Yandex Zen App on Android and Apple

By carolc

Yandex Zen, is a service that generates recommendations to the Yandex browser, which is also known as JEN. Is an AI program that keeps the users informed of any event that is of interest to them and based on their position in their personal tastes. This application, as already commented, customizes the search of users based on their actions and browser history.

One of the things that make it interesting in front of others is that not only does it select news materials that were requested by users, but also manage the images and videos already seen above. Zen is integrated into the Yandex browser. This service seeks to improve and learn every day from the tastes of users. The more you learn, the more useful it will become.

Yandex AI has a feature that blocks ads that appear in the browser, the way it actually is that nothing is blocked, but when the user blocks an ad, Yandex learns it and when that ad wants to reappear, the app will block it immediately.

Install Yandex Zen app on Android and Apple

Many users pay close attention to software and tape updates that are constantly monitored. The mobile version of Yandex Zen was recently released and can be installed from Android and iOS devices.

What needs to be done is to download the software from the stores of the operating systems involved; in them they can perform the relevant searches to run the installation.

Install Zen app on Android

  • Through the play store, in its search bar, type Yandex Zen and press “Search”.
  • Then select from the list of applications that you see, the requested application.
  • Once in the section of the application, select “Install”. It will start in the background the installation.
  • When finished, you will be able to run the application.

Company: Yandex LLC

Category: Entertainment

System requirement: Android 5.0 or higher

Size required for installation: 22 MB

Compatibility: Any computer using Android larger than 5.0

Qualifying age: Over 17 years old / Frequent or nude sexual content

Install Zen app on iOS

It has been available on the AppGallery since April 2020, where all Yandex mobile apps were unveiled in the AppGallery store.

  • Inside the AppGallery search for the Yandex Zen app.
  • Once found, select and then install on your device.

Company: Yandex LLC

Size required for installation: 45.1 MB

Category: Entertainment

System requirement: iOS 11.0 or higher

Compatibility: Iphone, Ipad

Qualifying age: Over 17 years old / Frequent or nude sexual content

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