How to deactivate a Reddit account

How to deactivate a Reddit account

By carolc

We are sure you’ve recently read, on social media about Reddit, about a couple of Wall Street-related cases. If before these cases, Reddit was one of the most popular websites on the planet its popularity skyrocketed in late January.

Its users are counted by millions active, but that quality makes this virtual space appealing to hackers. From celebrity nude photo leaks to insubordinate content moderators led to them having to hand over user data to the government.

In 2018, Reddit discreetly rehabilitated user tracking and shared information with third parties who typically use this one for advertising and content customization purposes. This situation generates discouragement for some users and if you are one of them you may want to deactivate your Reddit account.

To get in, be and leave Reddit

There’s really no need for you to have an account to access Reddit content, but it will be very useful in the experience. It’s as easy as accessing the page, and from the top right of the homepage you sign up and you already have an account. You only require an email and choose a username and password.

At first you may find it overwhelming to enter, however, it is not very different from the news sites you visit. Even the interface is not very aesthetically striking. What does make this portal different from many others, is the fact that its content is provided and, in some way, ordered by its users.

Once you come in to read the contents of your cover, you will find titles that focus your attention and when you click on a title it can take you to the website or image it refers to. But also, under each title you can notice other options, such as the number of comments and by tapping there you will be able to read all the comments made. You can vote for or against those comments and that way they will be sorted according to the number of votes they are getting.

Reddit does not contemplate temporarily disabling accounts. Once you delete your account, it will permanently disappear including everything there, although your comments will be retained anonymously.

If you decide to return in the future, you will not be able to register with Reddit with the same user data as before. There is also no automatic feature to download your Reddit data at this time, in order to do so you will need to contact the company to request a download of user data.

Step by step to deactivate a Reddit account

If, despite everything said above you have made the decision to unsubscribe then you should know the following.

  1. Log in to your Reddit account.
  2. Tap the user icon and locate “User Settings” in the menu that will be displayed.
  3. Go down the menu to the title “Deactivate Account”.
  4. Re-enter your user credentials. There you can enter a reason why you are deactivating your Reddit account, in case you want to do so.
  5. Confirm if you understand that deactivated accounts cannot be recovered and click “Disable”.
  6. You will be asked if you are sure you want to permanently delete that account. Just confirm and you’re done!
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