5 Best Thermometer Apps For Android And iOS

5 Best Thermometer Apps For Android And iOS

By carolc

As we well know, our body is an organism that works perfectly, but when something disturbs that state of normality, signs begin to emerge that something is not right. Body changes begin to manifest to us, that some invader is altering their behavior, and many times the first thing that changes is the body temperature.

We well know that this temperature while between 36 and 37 degrees Celsius, is normal for a human being, when this over passes this limit, is considered a febrile state. To do this it is essential to have at hand elements that allow us to record the variations of this temperature.

The technology has not been removed from this area and the option of being able to have these records through your smart devices, make it even more practical to be informed as far as our health is concerned.

Some devices do not have this feature and will depend on the download of software so that they can perform this activity. Others must be equipped with a sensor that will allow them a much more accurate reading.

There are several apps that can help us in this topic, both in the play store and in the App Store.

5 best thermometer apps for Android

Phones with Android operating systems do not bring within their specifications a native application that allows them to measure body temperature. There are some models that have sensors included or that use an external one to take the information and then it is passed via Bluetooth for analysis.

Smart Thermometer

This application is quite simple and easy to use. It has a rather nice design with very acceptable accuracy. The only thing you need to make sure your device has a temperature sensor, because otherwise it will work to display web service temperatures based on statistical data.

Thermometer Fever Measurement

This app has the peculiarity of measuring temperature with Android mobile device camera. If you feel unwell or feel that your temperature is rising, with this application you will be able to measure the fever or at least have an approximation of the current temperature through the camera, which is based on the number of heartbeats since it is directly influenced by the change in body temperature.

Body temperature record

With this application keep track of your body temperature with the data that is entered manually. It offers statistical analysis, graphs and reports, to others that allows you to add to your family group

Body Temperature Diary

This application does not need internet connection for it to work. You can evaluate the temperature at any time, it includes reminders for taking medicines, and they can incorporate notes and shows diagrams and statistics regarding the data that was entered.


This application is designed for the little ones in the house who are usually more vulnerable to certain diseases. Specially in these times of pandemic, so we must be constantly attentive to the care of children. This is one of the temperature apps that focus on the status of children.

5 best thermometer apps for iOS

Fever Measuring thermometer

This application allows you to measure body temperature only using your iPhone. This is made possible by using the rear camera of your device, with its flash to measure the number of heartbeats at rest and with this information can provide the approximate body temperature.


It is a tracking app that opens a record after manually entering the body temperature. Among its options, it allows you to access the FeverCheck Diary tab and display a temperature record with date, time, temperature and an indicator if it includes symptoms.

Body Temperature Recorder

By entering the temperature manually, it offers more options to guide users in recording information that can be useful when it comes to further diagnosis such as the presence of other symptoms.

Temp. Statistics

It is an ideal app to connect with the “Heath” app. To add body temperature, Temp provides an indicator on the meter for low, normal and high temperatures. In addition to entering the temperature, you can select the position where the temperature was taken as the forehead or armpit.

MedM Temperature

This application has the peculiarity that can be used with or offline. You have the ease of including a date with its respective time, even allowing you to place it with a past date to track the temperature in the past. You can export all the collected data to the Health app, where you can get more health benefits.

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