Here are some Tips to Become a Popular TikToker and Make your Content go Viral

Here are some Tips to Become a Popular TikToker and Make your Content go Viral

By Alex Balaniuc

It’s almost impossible nowadays to get through your day without hearing the word TikTok. But if you’re still not updated about what TikTok is, know that it is probably the most successful video-sharing social networking apps at the moment. The numbers say it all: the amount of people who use TikTok regularly on a monthly basis increases non-stop, in fact, in 2020 alone, the number of global users on the app skyrocketed to 700 million.

Why did the app get so incredibly popular? Well, the reason is most likely due to the fact that TikTok allows anyone to reach stardom without too much effort. All it takes is for you to make fun interesting content and, if the stuff you’re putting out is deemed amusing, original or engaging enough by other users, you can go viral in a very short time.



Becoming a TikTok celebrity is a goal for many young users on the platform at the moment. Not only you’d become very well-known and appreciated on the app, but you could also use your following and influence to make it big outside of the TikTok realm: just think about the fact that some big TikTokers have now a music career or their own shows.

So, in this article we want to give you some advice about how to do well on TikTok. By following these tips, you could become the next viral sensation!

1) Showcase your talent



By taking a look at TikTok’s most famous creators, such as the D’Amelio sisters Charli and Dixie, you’ll notice that they rose to fame by doing dances. Dancing well requires talent, therefore we can say that talent is something that attracts views. But don’t worry if you’re not a good dancer, because you can always share any kind of talent you have. If you’re good at creating makeup looks, go for it and make videos on that. If you’re an artist, make videos that show your artistic capabilities, like drawing, singing, painting, etc. If you’re able to do impressive random things like keeping a glass of water on your head while doing jumping jacks, try posting a video about it. The ways in which you can show your talent are infinite!

2) Create funny content


Funny skits, parodies, memes and comedic content in general can be considered as the foundation of the Internet. Many people usually navigate the Web to watch funny entertaining videos after a long day at school or work, and this includes TikTok. That’s why you should consider creating content that can get a laugh out of people: having fun is the number one priority on apps like TikTok. If you’re a naturally funny person, becoming popular will be much easier.

3) Join current trends

Participating in the hottest current trends can significantly increase the engagement on your TikTok account by making your videos more palatable to the algorithm. You can try analysing what other users are doing that is bringing them lots of views, and then do the same. Online challenges are an example of a trend, because they come and go almost every month. If you, for example, realise what are the most popular challenges before they become outdated, you can use that at your advantage by jumping on the bandwagon. We are obviously talking about harmless challenges that won’t cause you to hurt yourself, mind you. Don’t risk your health in order to get TikTok famous.


4) Share your workouts



At home workout routines have become pretty popular over the last year due to the current events going on, so maybe you could post videos about you exercising if you’re on a fitness journey. Easy workout videos can be more relatable to your viewers, because they will feel inspired and will start being more active themselves by following your example. But before you put out such content, first make sure that you know what you’re doing to avoid causing injuries to anyone.

5) Use hashtags

Hashtags work by labelling your content and describing it, meaning that they help you in making your videos more easily findable to users on the platform. If you create a TikTok video about your cat, one of the hashtags you’re going to attach to the video will be #cat, for instance. Always use appropriate hashtags that capture exactly what your video is about and don’t abuse them by adding unrelated ones: this could potentially irritate other users, because they’ll feel tricked into watching a video that has nothing to do with the hashtag they were interested in.

6) Interact with the community

TikTok is primarily a social network, therefore interaction between users should be at the forefront. If you want to get more recognition, start interacting more with the TikTok community by watching other content creators’ videos and commenting on them. You might attract a good amount of viewers if you make your presence on the platform stronger!

7) Upload consistently

Last piece of advice: be consistent by uploading videos on your account more frequently.

In conclusion, keep these tips in mind the next time you engage in creating new videos, and see if your following starts to grow. Good luck!


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