How to Install Optifine in Minecraft Windows Edition

How to Install Optifine in Minecraft Windows Edition

By carolc

It’s been a while since the MineCraft game came to market and since then it’s unreleased a wave of comments, both positive and negative. But what’s true, which has been quite a revelation to everyone, turns out that the game is an education tool, which has made it even more popular, in fact a classroom version will be being implemented.

But you really know its Minecraft, as a video game has a place in our children’s education. What you need to know, is that this game is considered one of the most successful titles of all time.

Minecraft: a successful video game

This game catches your attention the moment you play it for the first time, because it is not to be dismissed. Since around 23 million copies have been sold, this game has a wonderful essence that will catch everyone’s attention.

A curiosity is that this game does not follow the trends of the big video game markets, quite the opposite, it does not use such worked graphics. In fact everything is pixilated and this gives it a kind of appeal and its execution is done without any setback. This in view of which does not demand much from the computers where it is installed.

The unfolding of the game is quite simple although it has its complexity, its world is infinite and is distributed in blocks, which are cube-shaped and all with the same dimensions.

The infinity that we talk about in the game is totally dynamic, you will not find two equal worlds. In fact, every time you go out and log back in, the world you will meet, will be totally different from the one you left. The science of the game is to walk around the world to discover things like, populated, many animals, lots of nature, including caves, volcanoes, etc. You can collect items to advance within the game, with the option to improve the things you have or build new items.

Installing OptiFine

First: To proceed to install it, you must download it on your PC. You need to download the JAR file from OptiFine, you can download it directly from this link:

Under the heading “OptiFine HD Ultra” click download to the right of the OptiFine link. An ad will come out about 5 seconds, which you should skip, some warnings will also come out, and you should click “Continue”. Then click on it in the center of the page, which says “Download”, then your browser will issue a warning that OptiFine can be a security risk, so you must click “Allow” for the installation to continue.

Second: You should keep in mind that if the current version of Minecraft is not the latest, you must update it. The current version dates from December 2020 and it is 1.16.201, if you have a lower version, you already know what to do.

Third: Consider the address where Minecraft will be installed. You will require the address of the folder where Minecraft is installed. In the Minecraft search engine, double-click on the software icon, then on the Search Options tab, you go to the latest version, then in the game directory, there you can copy the exact address, which will come out when the pop-up screen comes out.

Four: When a small screen with the word OK comes out, click on it, this will confirm that OptiFine is successfully installed.

Five: Then open the Minecraft search engine, look for the icon that looks like a block of land with grass, when you double click it will run it.

Sixth: Find the execution option, you can locate it in the top right, where the three vertical stripes are located, when the menu is displayed, click on “Add new”, doing this will open a page with text boxes.

Seventh: In the text box, place your name, always knowing that this is for OptiFine.

Eighth: From the “Version” drop-down menu, it is located below the “Name” box, it will take you to another drop-down menu, select the version of “OptiFine” and it will show you the version of it and you must select it.

Ninth: Then “Save”.

Tenth: If you want to run the OptiFine version of Minecraft, do the following:

  • In the search engine, click the News tab.
  • Then click the up arrow to the right of playing.
  • Find the name of the OptiFine configuration.
  • Then you select it and click Play.
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