How to activate parental control on Netflix

How to activate parental control on Netflix

By carolc

In this post we will be guiding you step by step to configure parental control on Netflix, according to the best criteria for your children.

In this way you can allow your children to enjoy an entertaining program and according to their age.

Visit the Netflix website

To make Netflix look like a Netflix for kids, what you need to do is adjust your account to a desired level of parental control. As a first step, using your favorite Internet browser, access the official Netflix page.

Now locate and click the link to access your “Member Access” account, located near the top right corner.

Log into your Netflix account

Provide the email address and your password to log in to Netflix using your account.

Access your account information

Locate and click on the “Your Account and Help” link in the upper right corner of the page. This takes you to the page where you configure the options and preferences related to your Netflix account.

Access the parental control configuration option

Locate and click on the “Parental Control Settings” link, found in the “Preferences” section (scroll down the page until you have this preference section visible if necessary). This takes you to the section where you set up parental control.

Confirm your identity

To make changes to parental control it is necessary that you confirm your identity. This is a security measure that is intended to ensure that the account owner is making changes. Provide your email address and password again.

Modify parental control settings

Select the maximum level of movie rating you want to allow. This level will apply to anyone who is using your account on any device. For example, “14 years and below” means that you will only be allowed to watch movies, using your account, that are rated “14 years”, “Unclassified Relatives”, “PG” or “G”.

Once you have chosen the desired maximum level, click the “Continue” button.

Parental control is established

Parental control is set at the level you selected. Netflix warns you that it may take up to eight hours for this restriction to become active on your Netflix devices, although in reality it is usually much less time. To make sure parental control is active, try logging out and back in with your account on your devices.

Parental control is defined at the account level, so when setting a level, it applies to any device that uses your account.

Available movies are limited to the established rating level

From the moment your account has an established rating level, the available selection of movies and TV series is restricted to that range and it is presented as a Netflix for children, with content suitable for your choice and tranquility.


By following these simple steps you can properly configure the series and movie card that your children can see. It’s a safe way to allow them to enjoy Netflix content day after day. Test the parental control settings and take advantage of this security feature that the platform offers you.