How To Add a Digital View

How To Add a Digital View

By camilaforero

Many times we dream of being able to live in a place that has an incredible and very beautiful view, for example, being able to see the ocean from your home is something that many people have dreamed of. However, considering the cost that a place with a view like this can have, it can be very high.

However, now with the LiquidView proposal we can have the view we want without having to spend so much to find a house with an incredible view. For between $25,000 and $100,000, you can buy a stunning digital view and place it in any home.

The Promise of a Digital View

There are also times when we can find incredible places to live, but the view they offer us is not the best. You can get your perfect home, with all the spaces you are looking for and also with a good location and that is very cozy, however, many times the views are not as incredible as everything else, you may see many apartments or industrial areas, or simply they are not attractive views.

For example, there is Atmoph Window 2 that has a 27-inch screen which you can hang on any wall. This way you can have a personalized view of a landscape you want, famous monuments and even scenes under the ocean. 27 inches is not really a very large size, however, you can join other screens to achieve a larger image.


This is another option that is quite good to be able to have a screen with a great view in your house. LiquidView has a much larger 75-inch Sony commercial-grade solution, though it’s more expensive because it comes with larger panels and much higher quality.

How does it work?

This screen, despite having components such as commercial screens, are not the same, since an industrial screen is designed to be on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but these are not because they can wear out. Still, larger screens look more like windows and better convey the illusion of a realistic view than the illusion of looking through a window.

How does it cost?

It is understood that a single panel is approximately $25,000 and to achieve a real window-like view three panels are needed, which would cost almost $100,000. In addition, it is important to know the architecture of your home to know where you want to have the screens, therefore, it is very important to be sure when buying this option.

Additional Benefits

Over time the technology can start to come down in cost which can be a great solution to be able to have these screens instead of installing actual windows.

Many times the windows cause the house to present more failures, especially in events such as extreme winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., so if you decide to remove the windows and replace them with screens it would be much better. In addition, the windows also filter a lot of heat, but if you do not have windows you can save cooling and heating costs.

However, this depends on you and the design and architecture of your home, so you can decide if you can replace the windows with screens.


The metaverse is something that has been seen a lot lately, so if at some point we have screens where we can see incredible views in our home, that would be a wonderful thing for everyone. Also, that this can not only work in your home, but also in work spaces so that all workers feel more comfortable.

In case you want to know more about the metaverse, you can click on the link and find more information. 

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