How to build a content calendar in Google Sheets

How to build a content calendar in Google Sheets

By IsraeliPanda

I use Google Sheets for everything. What’s more, when I say everything, I truly mean the world. I use Google Sheets to design trips, map out my exercise plans, and monitor my objectives.

I’ve even utilized Google Sheets to pick a condo (two times!). So, it’s a good idea that I likewise use Google Sheets to construct content schedules! Continue to peruse to figure out how to fabricate a substance schedule in Google Sheets. Furthermore, I have a free layout for you to use to kick you off!

Furthermore, to realize this in video design, look at my YouTube video where I walk you through how to utilize a substance schedule, how to set it up, and how to place in real life!

Whether you’re refreshing your own blog or composing blog entries for clients, it means quite a bit to utilize a substance schedule to remain coordinated. Of course, you could take a blind leap of faith, however involving a substance schedule for your blog enjoys a few particular benefits, including:

Having a substance schedule assists you with considering yourself responsible.

You can absolutely begin composing higgledy piggledy and transferring posts at whatever point have opportunity and willpower. Yet, without an approaching cutoff time, can you truly post routinely? Consistency is a major piece of running a fruitful blog. How might you keep up with consistency without an arrangement?

A substance schedule permits you to be more useful.

At the point when you have every one of your posts for the following couple of months arranged, you can cluster your work.

Not acquainted with clumping. Fundamentally, it implies taking a lot of comparable errands and finishing them simultaneously.

You know that feeling when you want to shift gears to follow through with an alternate sort of job, such as going from writing to planning? That dials you back! Bunching permits you to rapidly remain in a condition of stream and complete more undertakings more.

For instance, every one of my blog entries expect no less than one Pinterest realistic. Rather than making Pinterest designs after I compose my post, I like to make all my Pinterest illustrations in a single singular motion. It saves time since I don’t need to shift gears among composing and planning so a lot. I simply change gears once and accomplish quite a lot more!

A substance schedule assists you with remaining coordinated.

At the point when you have a substance schedule in Google Sheets, you can see the entirety of your distributed and future substance in one spot. You won’t have to dig around on your site to track down a specific point or check whether you’ve involved a specific catchphrase previously – it’s okay there in Google Sheets!

Furthermore, a substance schedule makes it simpler to designate undertakings when all the data for each blog entry is in one spot. You don’t have to send an email to your VA with every one of the insights regarding how to transfer a blog entry. They can simply allude to the substance schedule in Google Sheets!

A substance schedule permits you to be more vital.

Utilizing a substance schedule permits you to arrange for which subjects you’ll address and which Website design enhancement catchphrases you’ll utilize. You can likewise make arrangements for content around significant occasions and occasions as opposed to scrambling to take out a Mother’s Day post without a second to spare.

Fundamentally, having a substance schedule makes you more proficient and less pushed in general.

The most effective method to Make a Substance Schedule IN GOOGLE SHEETS

Now that I’ve (ideally) persuaded that you should have a substance schedule to run a fruitful blog, how about we get into the low down of setting up a substance schedule in Google Sheets.

  • Decide your timetable. Consistency is key for a fruitful blog, so be practical about the amount you can post. Posting somewhere around once each week is great, yet at any rate, attempt to refresh your blog one time each month.
  • Conclude who will compose the blog. Will you compose every one of the websites yourself, or will you reevaluate some of them? Who will endorse and transfer the last posts? This is data that you’ll need to save in your substance schedule.
  • Conceptualize classifications. What sort of points will speak to possible clients, or to your client’s clients? Begin without any than 3 or 4 classifications that are firmly connected with your item.


  • Clean skincare brand for youthful experts: Skincare tips and data, solid recipes, health
  • Athletic clothing brand for occupied mothers: Smart dieting for the entire family, speedy exercise routine schedules, efficient tips
  • Content composition for magnificence brands: Excellence industry patterns, promoting tips, marking contextual analyses

Afterward, contingent upon how your crowd responds, you can extend to additional classifications.

  • Conceptualize post thoughts, drawing motivation from your client. Ponder how you’re particularly situated to help your optimal client. What sorts of inquiries do they have that you can reply? Glance through your messages. Which questions appear to come up over and over? For your clients, check their social or client care channels for subjects.

You can likewise draw motivation from occasions and occasions, similar to Public Dearest companions Day or the huge shopping day after Thanksgiving. Get innovative and have a good time!

  • Finish up your schedule with your post thoughts. Finish up no less than one month ahead of time. Or on the other hand download this free 2021 substance schedule layout! Then follow beneath along as I clear up how for use it.


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