How to change default save location on Windows 11

How to change default save location on Windows 11

By IsraeliPanda

Microsoft’s Windows 11 working framework has a default save area for documents that you download from the Internet or make on the framework. The primary thought behind these default catalogs is to have a focal spot for specific records.

In some cases, you might favor that an alternate envelope or drive is utilized, for example when the fundamental drive has not much space left or when you like to involve an alternate organizer for further developed reasonability of records.

The choices to change content catalogs are as yet tracked down in the Settings application, yet in addition in File Explorer straightforwardly. Administrators can likewise utilize Symbolic connections and NTFS intersections to utilize different save indexes.

This guide helps clients coming from Windows 10, yet additionally new clients of Windows 11, who might want to change the default content indexes on the working framework.

The most effective method to change the default save areas in Windows 11

  • Open the Settings application with a tick on Start and choosing Settings from the very outset Menu.
  • Explore to System > Storage > Advanced capacity settings.
  • Select “Where new happy is saved”.

The page that opens shows choices to save the default save catalog for the accompanying substance types:

  • New applications.
  • New records.
  • New music.
  • New photographs and recordings.
  • New films and TV shows.
  • Disconnected maps.

The c: drive is chosen naturally. You can change that to whatever other drive that is associated presently to the PC. Note however that documents might become inaccessible assuming you eliminate drives that are removable. As a guideline, it is prescribed to just choose drives that are associated with the framework forever.

Select the apply button after you have changed a drive to set the new drive as the default save area for new records.

Note: Windows will make a new username organizer on the chose drive’s root. The new default envelope is a subfolder of that organizer then, at that point. Assuming client Martin moves the default New Documents envelope to drive d:, records would be saved to d:\Martin\Documents\ from that second on.

Assuming you check the rundown of upheld content sorts, you will see that the Downloads envelope isn’t recorded. Windows 11, and past variants of Windows too, support an alternate framework with regards to the Downloads envelope and other default envelopes like Documents, Music, or Photos. The choice isn’t accessible in the Settings application.

This is the way that is finished:

  • Open File Explorer on the gadget.
  • Find the Quick Access organizers in the Sidebar on the left. In the event that you don’t see these, extend This PC all things considered.
  • Right-click on Downloads (or some other envelope shows there) and select Properties.
  • Change to the Location tab.
  • Change the Path of the ongoing area, for example c:\users\martinlocal\Downloads to d:\downloads\.
  • There is no such thing as windows 11 prompts you in the event that the objective organizer. You want to make it.
  • The Move button moves generally existing records of the envelope to an area you indicate. On the off chance that you don’t utilize it, every single existing document and envelopes will stay in the default area.
  • You might rehash the interaction for every substance type, for example Reports or Videos. There is likewise a Restore Default button to reestablish the default area without composing it physically.
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