How to communicate safely: the best alternatives to WhatsApp

How to communicate safely: the best alternatives to WhatsApp

By carolc

WhatsApp is currently used by billions of users in over 150 countries. These figures indicate, without a doubt, that it is the preferred messaging application worldwide. However, it is not the only application of this type. In this post we will be talking about the best alternatives to WhatsApp in the world of messaging.

Although they may not be as popular as WhatsApp, there is a wide variety of applications that perform the same function. These applications have begun to be considered a little more, after Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014.

Data security concern

The fact that the most popular messaging application has been acquired by Facebook is not surprising. But this purchase brought with it a wave of concern over the security of the app’s user data.

This is due to the fact that the social media giant was involved in various security breaches, which led to the leaking of information from thousands of its users.

However, the messaging application has always pointed out that it is an independent development and that it provides a secure service. But this is about to change, as Facebook recently reported that it is considering merging Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Now the issue of security is back on the agenda.

But for those who prefer to opt for some other alternative with which they feel comfortable and safe, we present the safest messaging apps.

Best alternatives to WhatsApp

These applications are the best alternative to WhatsApp. They are known for their high level of security regarding the data and information of their users. This apps have a high level of encryption, so your data will be completely safe when using any of them.


Supports VoIP as well as video calls. In the security arena, it supports end-to-end encryption for message management. Each user gets a unique ID, which is used instead of a phone number, making it easy to remain anonymous.

This app operates with open source software. Therefore, Riot has his own bots and developers have the possibility to create their own. This allows users to interact with the messaging application, making it a more versatile and secure tool.

On the other hand, Riot has chat rooms that can be visited by users. It also offers private rooms or rooms that can be visited through a link.

Finally, the client has an intuitive and friendly interface. The app is available in seven different languages ??and allows you to connect to other applications.


  • Use a user ID instead of a phone number.
  • Works with open source software.
  • It has a friendly user interface.
  • It is available in seven different languages.


  • Encryption must be activated manually as it is not enabled by default.


It is a free messaging alternative. Signal has strong encryption and works on all existing mobile platforms. It is a very easy to use application, and offers video and voice calls.

Signal also comes with files for desktop installation, allowing you to use the app on your computer as well as on your phone.

A very special feature of this application is that your messages are encrypted, so that only the receiver and sender will be able to read them. The messages are completely inaccessible to hackers, which further increases their level of security.

Signal employs open source encryption, so experts can test it and catch bugs, making the app even more secure.

Another facility provided by this application is to allow users to configure a specific period for messages to be automatically deleted. This guarantees the privacy of the information, in case someone else has access to your mobile phone.

Signal does not include animated emojis, but you can import them from your device.


  • Use encryption at all times.
  • Its encryption is open source.
  • It is available on the main platforms,
  • Function for automatic deletion of messages.


  • Does not include animated emojis.


Telegram is one of the most popular and best alternatives to WhatsApp. It currently has more than two hundred million users.

This is a cloud-based app that operates on various platforms. Like WhatsApp, it uses a double branding system to know when someone has received a message.

Telegram uses default peer-to-peer encryption to make voice calls, ensuring that no one else can hear your conversations. A detail to take into account is that the encryption of the messaging must be activated manually.

This messaging application also includes a function that allows you to automatically delete messages after a certain time. It also allows the exchange of multimedia files.


  • Works with open source software.
  • It is an easy to use application.
  • It works with a cloud base to protect your material.


  • Encryption must be activated manually.
  • Developed its own encryption, which has received various criticisms.


Threema promotes the complete privacy of your data. Keep your contact lists and group data stored only on your mobile device. For greater security, the messages sent are deleted as soon as they reach their destination. You can also connect with other users who use an eight-digit Threema code instead of their phone number, to further increase your privacy. You can also validate contacts using unique QR codes.

This messaging app uses end-to-end encryption for all types of communication: text messages, group chat, voice calls and for file sharing. Additionally, it encrypts the messages of the states so that they cannot keep track of what you publish. A message can only be viewed by the sender and the recipient.

Threema can also be used in the browser in complete safety. The application also provides the formatting function and the sending of files and locations. Users have the possibility to generate surveys and comment on particular messages. You can also hide private conversations and protect them with the use of a password.


  • You do not require a phone number.
  • You can validate contacts with QR codes.
  • Includes text formatting functions.
  • You can protect your chats with a password.


  • It is a paid application.


This messaging app is definitely one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. Wire works with end-to-end encryption, and is protected by European data retention laws.

It makes free private accounts and paid commercial accounts available to users with additional support and facilities. Includes crisp voice and video conversations.

On the other hand, Wire provides 1: 1 and screen sharing for groups. Supports audio filtering and multimedia file sharing. Available for all major platforms, it offers the advantage of logging in from eight paired devices.

Includes text formatting and creating lists in chats. Additionally, it allows to improve the size of the files to be able to share them easily. Another of its functions is to program a specific time to delete messages.


  • Secure communications.
  • Scheduled message deletion.
  • Possibility of using eight devices simultaneously.
  • High quality conversations.


  • It is not totally free.


You can download any of these apps, to obtain and enjoy other functions. Remember that these are the best alternatives to WhatsApp, so you can always stay in touch.