How to create your avatar with Avatoon?

How to create your avatar with Avatoon?

By carolc

Avatars have come to change the way we present ourselves in the web world. If you want to create your own digital representation, Avatoon is the ideal tool.

What is Avatoon?

It is a mobile application that works based on avatar, and that allows you to create your own avatar in a matter of seconds. Your virtual representation can be created from a photograph, and it can contain every detail you choose.

This is an excellent alternative to change your profile picture on your social networks, and much more.

The tool also allows you to create custom emojis, gifs, and stickers. You can also embed your avatar in real-life photos by using Avatoon’s image editing features.

By using custom avatars you can capture the attention of new followers on your social networks. You can also use them in your conversations with family and friends.

Update your image whenever you want, with a colorful and attractive avatar.


  • Avatoon is a mobile application compatible with Android and iOS.
  • It is a free tool.
  • The app allows you to create a unique and attractive representation of yourself.
  • You can create as many avatars as you want.
  • It allows you to stand out on your social networks with your personalized avatar.
  • You can dress up, make up and change the outfit of your avatar whenever you want.
  • Avatars can also be gathered in the web world.
  • You can chat using your personal emoji.
  • Create unique moments by inserting your avatar into photos of real landscapes.
  • The app also allows you to create memes and share them.
  • You can select every detail of your avatar: hair, eyes, clothes, nose, everything. With Avatoon you can be sure that you will get an avatar just like you.
  • The app has powerful editing tools. You can modify the poses and expressions of your avatar.
  • It makes it easy for you to share your creations on different social networks.

How to create your avatar with Avatoon?

Creating an avatar with Avatoon is extremely easy. To create your virtual version you just have to follow a few steps:

Download the Avatoon app

The first thing you should do is download the application to your device. Avatoon is compatible with Android and iOS devices, so you can download it from Google Play or from the App Store.

This tool, in addition to creating avatars, is an emoji editor, so you will have several functions at your disposal in a single app.

The options are wide, you can create your own avatar, someone else’s, and you can even create the virtual version of your pet.

If you prefer, you can apply to your mini you, an appearance full of fantasy and fashion. Your imagination is the limit.

Start creating your avatar

To create your avatar, the mobile application gives you several options that are equally easy and fast.

  • Use the tool’s face scan feature to get your image.
  • Take a photo with Avatoon or use one you have on your mobile phone.

In any case, turning the image into an avatar only takes a second.

Another alternative is the “Manual creation”, ideal for creating avatars of other people, or when you want to let your creativity run wild.

Customize the details of your avatar

Once you are in the editor of the app, you can start editing your avatar as you wish.

You can change the hairstyle, makeup, nose, eyes, clothes, shoes, include accessories, change facial features, etc. Use the options that Avatoon offers you to create the avatar you want without limits.

You already have your own avatar

Once you have configured every detail of your virtual version, you can save it in the application. Avatoon allows you to store as many creations as you want. You can also easily delete one already created.

Use Photobooth for more fun

With your avatar you can create beautiful memories, even memories with other digital friends.

Avatoon includes Photobooth, a tool that allows you to select an image from its collection of templates, or if you prefer you can import one from your cell phone. On this photo you can insert your avatar and someone else’s avatar, to create unique photos. In this way you can travel wherever you want with whoever you want, and share beautiful images.

You can also edit your creation with text or stickers.

Remember to always save your creations, the Avatoon gallery allows you to store a large number of photos that you can edit later.

Chat with your creations

Avatoon lets you share your avatars, stickers, and emojis in conversations with friends and family, easily.

Select the image you want to share and send it to your chat window. Encourage the conversation with your creations and surprise everyone!

Share your avatar on social media

Avatoon is compatible with the main social networks. You can share your avatar, emojis and pages on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, among others.

You just have to choose the image you want to share and indicate which social network you will send it to.

Get additional content on Avatoon

Although the mobile app is free, there are some paid features. But don’t worry, you can earn coins every day by doing some simple tasks.

This alternative works within the platform itself, to allow users to accumulate earnings that they can later use to access additional content. For example, with the coins you have earned you can buy new clothes for your avatar, and always look fashionable.

Download the application and enjoy all the possibilities that its functions offer you. Change the appearance of your profiles, activate your social networks, interact in a fun way with your WhatsApp contacts, and create unforgettable images. All this in a single free application. Download Avatoon and unleash your creativity!