How to Grow on YouTube in 2023

How to Grow on YouTube in 2023

By enzobcelani

The age of digital has completely disrupted the world’s structure both medially, economically and socially. From the development of apps designed to create online social communities, a veritable new world has been created (just consider the Metaverse) where rules and life compete with non-virtual ones. This is why platform such YouTube are nowadays so important.

Did you ever think that publishing posts, blog articles or promotional photos on social networks could be a profession?
Well, today it is one. Moreover, that is a very profitable profession. According to CNCB, a “mega-influencer” such as Kylie Jenner can earn up to $1 million per paid Instagram post

Find Your Way

Before you start creating content for the web, you need to ask yourself some basic questions: What do I want to share? What message do I want to convey? Who will be the target audience for my content? What can I bring that is original and never seen on the Internet? How much time can I devote to this activity?

Creating content online is not such an easy job and the success of videos is by no means left to chance. Viral content and professional YouTubers spend a lot of time and work behind the creation of their products always trying to gain more circulation and appreciation.

1. Target your Audience

The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out what segment of the audience you want to target. You need, in fact, to do a study on different “social” aspects that touch on your possible target audience such as delving into people’s demographic characteristics (gender, age, language, origin…) or physiographic ones (motivations, values, lifestyle, aspiration…) and how they behave in the on and off-line world.

2. Type of Content

Once we have identified the target group of people we want to address, we have already narrowed down what content to produce. At this point we should be able to know, for example, the main interests of our audience and therefore how we can best stimulate them to bring views to our content.
On YouTube there are thousands of different categories, formats and trends to be inspired by, therefore, to use for your own production, but there is always room for new things. for example, if you have an original and innovative project to bring to the platform, take the risk! It could be a hit.

3. Open your YouTube Channel

Once the course of action has been evaluated and thought out, it is time to implement a plan. The first big step is clearly to open your own YouTube channel with a catchy name that represents you and the project you want to pursue well on this social. Here you can find an interesting and useful guide on “How to Create a YouTube Channel in 2023

4. Take a Look at Competitors

YouTube’s is a really big community where you can find millions of creators who are in the same profession as you. Identify a few content creators who are in line with your target audience and your content, it could be extremely useful to evaluate what they produce and what is well-liked by the audience you two have in common. It might also be helpful for you to consider whether to tread the same line as them or to distance yourself completely.

5. Create

Now comes the fun part: create your own content!
You have endless possibilities for writing your video, recording it, and then editing it. Choose the one you see most in line with your knowledge, skills, time possibilities, and taste.

Always remember to be yourself and produce video content that you can like and represent yourself, it is the trump card to attract the interest of your audience.

6. Plan your Publications

Like a true professional, you will now have to organize an editorial calendar with all your publications. In fact, you might consider starting your production once a week, perhaps even maintaining it regular on a specific day. This will empower viewers to have a standing appointment with you and create loyalty.

An hourly schedule might also come in handy: imagine what would be the perfect time to watch your newly released video. If you’re targeting a working audience, you might consider posting the video around lunchtime or, better yet, during dinnertime. Surely at those times your audience is more receptive.

To make it even easier, remember that you can automatically schedule content publications through official sites but also through parallel sites such as Hootsuite.

Develop Technical Skills for YouTube

What’s SEO (and how to take confidence with it)

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the technique to gigantically increase the possibility of being visible on the web amidst billions of different content. Google in fact, explain it as “the process of making your site better for search engines”.

SEO practice is, in fact, fundamental in order to be well-ranked and found on YouTube. It impacts significantly your career since content which is optimized enables the platform to understand the signals to find and index your video. Among thousands of important tips to keep in mind in order to best perform the optimization of the search engine, here some:

  • Choose highly interesting (and click-baiting) titles
  • Write a catchy and detailed video description
  • Insert Close Captions of your video (in order to be the best inclusive ever)
  • Ask your community to help you grow (through comments, share, likes…)
  • Insert target keywords in the video file names (so to rank higher in search results.)

How to Actually Earn Money from YouTube

Once you have acquired a sufficient online audience having gathered a good number of loyal followers around you it will then be possible to benefit financially from the work done and thus earn money.

There are several ways to make money by becoming a YouTube Partner:

  • Advertising revenue: as so to earn money from Watch Page ads and Shorts Feed ads.
  • Shopping: create merchandising and sell your products from your store, or tag from other brands through the  YouTube Shopping affiliate program.
  • YouTube Premium revenue
  • Channel memberships: users may be willing to pay monthly in exchange for access to special perks.
  • Super Chat and Super Stickers: in live chat streams, users may be willing to pay in order to send you animated images or messages
  • Super Thanks: users, as fans, may be willing to pay to view a fun animation and get their message highlighted in your video or Short’s comments section.


Become a content creator or, in this case, e YouTuber can be an amazing possibility to brighten up your future. On the other hand, since it is a very interesting and appealing activity it requires a strong ability to analyze the surroundings by studying competitors, trends and most liked content.

Broadly speaking, there is always room for new talents on the internet, and thanks to our guide on how to grow on YouTube you can now give it a go!

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