Linus Tech Tips Hacked

Linus Tech Tips Hacked

By eduardogaitancortez

Linus Tech Tips is, or for now we should mention was, a reference channel regarding information about technology on YouTube. Developed by Linus Sebastian a whopping 15 years ago, in 2008, when concepts such as YouTuber did not yet exist and channel monetization was something that had not yet been put on the table. Those were, as I mentioned, other times, in which the motivations for being in the service were quite different from recent ones, and the ecosystem of creators and users was much more limited.

Over the years, the channel has grown, adding more and more followers until reaching the well over 15 million that it currently had, and gathering well over 2,500 videos, a whole document that, sometimes, has reached to also attract certain first-class brands, which have sometimes invested directly in it.

Growth on the internet and mainly on youtube

It is, therefore, a success story of those that are used as an example of winning on the Internet. It is proposed that each of the stories have an ending, although several are full stop, others a full stop and others a full stop, some remain at the level of the rest of the story and others are like the outcome of Los Serrano (a complete disappointment, for those who did not follow the series at the time). And there are certain that are difficult to describe, such as Lost, that despite the passing of the years all kinds of doubts continue to arise. The question now is whether Linus Tech Tips is going to be followed, apart or final, however whichever it is, there is no doubt that it has a bit of Los Serrano and a bit of Lost.

Hacks And Bans

The successful YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, was banned from the platform after his account was hijacked by hackers promoting a Bitcoin scam featuring a fake Elon Musk. This latest example of YouTube’s growing problem with cryptocurrency scammers comes just as the waves of the Logan Paul vs. Coffeezilla Cryptozoo feud continue to settle. Cryptocurrency scams have been a problem among gaming and tech content creators for years. Hackers taking over accounts to sell fraudulent investments are only part of the problem, as even some of the biggest channels do it voluntarily.

Others problems and youtubers

YouTube streamer IShowSpeed ​​recently pardoned himself for one of these crypto polemics, claiming he had no intention of being with his fans. The other side of the issue is the hackers themselves, several of whom have historically favored the use of a famous series of erroneous Elon Musk streams promoting fraudulent Bitcoin investments. This scam in particular has now implicated the well-known YouTube channel.

Linus Tech Tips, who was hacked on March 23 for broadcasting erroneous Bitcoin streams featuring Elon Musk. The posting, owned by well-known Canadian content author Linus Sebastian, has been promptly terminated by YouTube for violating the platform’s Company Rules. Sebastian’s 2 other channels, TechQuickie and TechLink, were also taken over by the presumed same set of cryptocurrency scammers within minutes of the primary posting, and with the same result.

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