Canva’s Got a Massive Update That Should Have Adobe Worried

Canva’s Got a Massive Update That Should Have Adobe Worried

By eduardogaitancortez

The online design platform Canva unveiled its biggest update yet, focused on making decisions with Generative AI and giving teams much more control over their innovations. Today Canva has close to 125 million users and has positioned itself as the friendliest platform to produce designs for networks, graphic parts and presentations.


These are exactly the aspects that Canva has improved, with new additions based on Artificial Intelligence that each carry the name of ‘Magic’. ‘Magic Replace’, giving an example, makes it possible to modify a logo or image and to update each of the graphic parts in parallel. In the new Canva, everything is ‘Magic’. Perhaps the most incredible is ‘Magic Edit’, where the client can highlight an object and replace it with something else using Generative Artificial Intelligence. In the example, a teapot is exchanged for flowers that are generated and added automatically, just writing what we require.

While Canva is known for having several default layouts, or ‘templates’, the union of Midjourney-style AI or DALL-E gives them much more flexibility. Quite similar to ChatGPT, ‘Magic Write’ is capable of writing ideas, summarizing or synthesizing complete texts to later make graphic parts or presentations. This functionality is available in 18 languages, including Spanish.

However, ‘Magic Eraser’ makes it possible to erase any object from an image, be it people, objects or backgrounds. ‘Magic Design’ automatically creates custom designs based on an image we give it and written commands, such as ChatGPT. In the same way, and much like Microsoft’s Copilot, you can also create entire presentations simply by using the Canva command and using any company logos, brands, and images that Canva has access to.

Artificial Intelligence

Canva didn’t stop there and also added features like automatic translation into well over 100 languages, much in the style of DeepL, and threw in a feature that syncs the beat of a music to the video clip to produce more consistent parts. On the accessibility side, Canva can now create image descriptions that are then automatically used as alternative writing for the visually impaired or simply to reach a wider audience. Easier, and now more capable From its inception, Canva has positioned itself as the choice over Adobe that is also easier to use.

With this massive update, the platform is now one of the most complete in the industry and, by the way, it is positioned as the boss in certain points, above Adobe itself. Most of these functionalities remain accessible from now on for paying users. Users will have a reduced input.

To avoid problems when saving your designs, take into account that your internet connection is stable. For stability reasons, using Canva requires connections with a version of TLS 1.2 or higher. The 1.0 and 1.1 variants are not supported as they are not considered secure and the IETF concluded they were deprecated in 2018.


Update to the most current variants of these browsers on your device and take into account that JavaScript is enabled. Google Chrome, version 57 or later Mozilla Firefox, version 52. Safari version 12 or later Microsoft Edge version 89 or later Opera, version 44 or later Mobile apps for iPhone and iPad. Download Canva for iOS IOS 13.0 operating system or preeminent. A minimum of 150 MB of independent memory Android application. Download Canva for Android Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or preeminent operating system.

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