ChatGPT Started a New Kind of AI Race

ChatGPT Started a New Kind of AI Race

By eduardogaitancortez

Natural language models based on AI (artificial intelligence) continue to be increasingly integrated into our daily lives.


That is the situation of ChatGPT, the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) made by Open AI, which has brought about a revolution in recent weeks since it makes it possible to produce quite naturally produced texts and also chat with humans, answering user questions.

All of us who have already tried this new artificial intelligence and has been amazed with each of the modalities that it offers, but surely you are unaware of several of the tricks that ChatGPT has. Then, we show you several ideas of how ChatGPT can help you in tasks for which you might not have proposed it.


A simple recipe with things you have at home? It is also viable with ChatGPT. Surely at some point it has happened to you that you have opened the fridge to see what you could have for dinner and you did not get the inspiration for a recipe. Now with ChatGPT inspiration can come to you much faster than usual, you just have to tell yourself the elements you have per house so that it can advise you a simple and instant recipe.

Recommendation of tapes, books, music… ChatGPT can become that typical friend that we all have who continually has a good series or tape to recommend. You just need to specify the genre and it will make a list of suggestions, you can also specify the actors you want to appear, the director, or other points that interest you. This also works with books, melody, etc. And if you are not sure what to ask, let ChatGPT surprise you.

Finding ideas for a gift has never been so simple If you’re short on time and don’t know what to give your dad for Father’s Day, Chat GPT can recommend different gifts based on the age, sex and certain taste that they indicate. And if you want to surprise him even more, with ChatGPT you can write him a poem that will leave him speechless.


ChatGPT as your personal coach. Once you join the gym, you often don’t know where to start to achieve your goals. ChatGPT can become your personal coach and make a training strategy based on your weight and the results you expect.

A good form of entertainment ChatGPT can also make your day more pleasant if you’re bored. From telling a joke, solving a riddle, playing a trivia game, as well as generating a Christmas carol. If your ideas for entertaining the little ones in the house have been destroyed, you can ask them to create a completely new game with which you have a home or without the need to use anything. You can also ask him to create a story by giving the protagonists the names you want.

We make thousands of choices daily unconsciously. And, sometimes, once we have to take them, we tend to propose the positive and negative points of all the routes. Whether it is choosing one destination or another to take a trip in summer, moving to a defined space, etc. ChatGPT can help us make such a choice from the pros and cons.

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