How to re-upload music on Spotify as artist

How to re-upload music on Spotify as artist

By ceciliascalzo

Spotify has now announced a new beta feature that allows independent artists to upload their music on the platform directly from Spotify for Artists. Since Spotify introduced Spotify for Artists, the most requested feature has been to be able to upload music directly on Spotify. So, to make it easier for artists, Spotify has further introduced another upload tool with Spotify for Artists, to be able to bring new music to the fans in the simplest way possible. According to this, if you are an artist, Spotify invites you to participate in the beta. 

How does it work? This new tool will give you the ability to deliver music directly to Spotify and plan the perfect launch for you. Moreover, before the launch you will be able to see the preview of how your contents will appear to listeners and then eventually decide to press Send or modify some detail. One your music is released, you will still have full control over it and your metadata with the ability to make quick and easy changes. Uploading your music is entirely free for all the artists, and Spotify does not charge any fees or commissions, regardless of how much or how often you upload. But talking about money, what it changes for you is that obviously, as it happens with the popular artist, if your fan stream your music on Spotify, you will get paid every time this happens and every month you will get a clear report of your growth, nearby to the other informations you already receive from Spotify for Artist. 

How to get into Spotify for Artists. At the moment, taking part of Spotify for Artist is only possible by invitation for about an hundred independent artists based in the United States. This does not mean that Spotify will not give the possibility of uploading to more artists later on. In fact, in the coming months, more artists will be asked to participate, so in order not to miss this opportunity, subscribe to the mailing list, so as to be the first to know of some new announcements. To learn more about it and to have further information, check the Spotify for Artist guide.

Reaploading music. If you have problems with the musical meadata, you may need to reapload the music.

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