How to Stop Spotify from Crashing on your iPhone

How to Stop Spotify from Crashing on your iPhone

By Alex Balaniuc

If music is your passion and you can’t go a day without listening to your favorite songs, Spotify might be the app for you. Spotify was launched in 2006 by Swedish entrepreneurs Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, and it exploded in popularity thanks to its great variety of content. The app is an audio streaming and media services provider – which has to offer digital music, podcasts, and videos – and will give you access to millions of songs and other content from creators all over the world. Users who sign up for free will get features such as millions of new and classic songs plus podcast episodes, the option to make your own playlists and playlists made by Spotify just for you. And if you get Spotify Premium you’ll be able to listen to music without ads, download and listen to your music offline and much more. Spotify is available across a range of devices: computers, phones, tablets, TVs, speakers and even cars.



Now, if you clicked on this article you probably already downloaded the Spotify app on your iPhone device. You were also probably listening to a song by your favorite artist or enjoying a podcast, when something very annoying happened: the app crashed. Such an issue is always a pain to experience, especially if you’re really invested in what you’re doing, but we’re here to help. In this article, we’re going to find out what we can do to fix Spotify crashes on your iPhone.

What is the reason behind Spotify crashes?



Why would Spotify suddenly give up on you? Well, the reason why the app would shut down is most likely one of these:

– your phone got overheated

– you didn’t get the latest Spotify update

– your phone’s memory can’t process the app properly because maybe:

— you have too many apps open at once

— the great amount of content added every day to Spotify is too overwhelming

What can I do to fix these crashes?

We’ll give you some tips about how you can solve this problem, or at least try to.

1) Close and restart the Spotify app

First, we recommend you try the good old turn-off-turn-on method that can fix any technology-related issue most of the time. When the notification informing you about the crash appears on your screen (but also if it doesn’t appear) close the app, and then open it again.

2) Sign out and sign in

Log out of your account if option n. 1 doesn’t work, and then log in again.

3) Close other apps



We mentioned before that the crash might be due to your phone having to process too many apps at the same time, therefore, close any other app you’re not using that is open in the background.

4) Turn off/on your phone

As for n. 1, use the turn-off-turn-on method, but this time on your iPhone.

5) Leave your phone alone for a while

In case of overheating, you should let your iPhone cool off a little. When it’s not too hot anymore, you can pick it up again and keep on using Spotify.

6) Update the Spotify app



Check that Spotify is up to date; an older version of the app could be causing the crashes. You’ll only need to go to the App Store to find out if there’s an update available.

7) Check your Internet connection

The Wi-Fi network your iPhone is connected to might give you crash issues if the signal is too weak. Try connecting to another network, or enable mobile data (4G, 5G, etc).

8) Uninstall and re-install Spotify

If none of the previous solutions worked, the only thing left is deleting the app and downloading it again.


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