How to sell online successfully

How to sell online successfully

By carolc

Marketing in any industry is an essential tool to sell online. Companies, businesses or startups of any kind have always had different mechanisms to promote their products and services, and increase their customers. These mechanisms have evolved over the years, and with the incursion of technology and its new advances, they have been adapted to reach today’s market audience.


The steps to follow to sell online successfully go hand in hand with digital tools. We indicate the most effective:


Mobile marketing


In a society where the Internet is an essential part of every home and person, a company must have a website with a responsive design (adapted for mobile devices). The number of customers who use their cell phones or tablets to search and buy what they require, continues to increase. In fact, Google recently published a study indicating that 39% of users use mobile devices to make their purchases. With this in mind, no business can afford to lose this many potential customers for not having a website.


On the other hand, the site must provide information of interest to the client, both about the product or service and about solutions related to the product offered by the company. This type of information is attractive to users and creates trust between the company and the user. In addition, businesses can also promote their services through eye-catching ads or videos specially designed for mobile phones. Any information that is of interest to the user is profit for the company.


Optimize website SEO


Optimizing positioning in web search engines (Search Engine Optimization – SEO) is essential to make the business page easily accessible on the Internet. Likewise, it is of great importance to optimize the content of the website so that it is positioned among the first results when the search is local, in order to achieve in this way acquire new close customers.


In addition to optimizing the company’s profile on the major search engines, it must also be optimized on local directories. This must be done by launching a logical and coherent message, to strengthen the credibility of the business.

It should be borne in mind that 75% of users use the Internet to plan and carry out their purchases, so having a strong and attractive presence on the Internet is very important.


Encourage customer feedback


Positive comments written by customers have an extremely positive effect on the promotion of products and services. These comments help with increased clicks and customer conversion rates. This is why having a space to allow customers to leave their opinions is of vital importance.

In addition to providing other users with important information about the service or product, this section provides confidence and projects security on the part of the company.


Having a presence on social networks


Users usually visit social networks daily and invest in them for several hours. Hence, these means of promotion are so effective and constitute an important alternative for any business.


A company with a presence in the most relevant social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+ or LinkedIn, has a very broad advantage over its competition without a presence in the networks. The image that a business projects on social networks can differentiate it from the competition and help it retain customers.


Email marketing campaigns


Email marketing campaigns should have as one of their main objectives, to retain customers who have already purchased a product or service with your company.


Through this tool you can send customers information about new products, services and special promotions offered by the company. This type of contact with customers can help keep them informed and interested in the business, thus facilitating a new purchase by them.




Put these digital tools into practice, and reach a larger audience. Keep in mind that people today search for any product or service they require, using the Internet. The current population is easier to contact through online tools, so it is essential that you promote your company this way. Follow these tips and increase your online sales.