How to use Vyond for your business and beyond

How to use Vyond for your business and beyond

By carolc

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One of the most influential and effective media in the digital world is video. These are used in countless ways, and in various settings. And to help you create professional-quality videos, comes Vyond.

Aware that one of the best channels of communication today is narrated stories, Vyond offers all the tools to create such stories. Instead of continuing to use text and presentation plates, audiovisuals with unique designs should be used.

What is Vyond?

It is an online animation software that allows you to easily create animated and professional videos. These animations can be used for any type of industry in areas such as digital marketing and online training, among others.

Vyond Features

  • It is an online tool.
  • Facilitates the creation of videos.
  • Provides an extensive library of templates, characters, sounds, accessories, and more.
  • It has modern, casual, and very varied designs.
  • Allows the creation of characters that can adapt to any environment.
  • It is ideal for training the personnel of your company.
  • Helps to increase the conversion rate of the marketing area.
  • Facilitates the development of distance training programs.
  • It is very flexible, so it can be used by any type of company.
  • Vyond allows creating content that promotes beneficial commercial results.
  • Create files in MP4 or GIF format.
  • It allows to export the created videos.

How to use Vyond?

The software has a friendly and easy to use work screen. This is what allows users to create animations in a few minutes, without requiring specialized knowledge.

To obtain a professional quality product, you only have to carry out a few simple steps:

  • To start quickly and easily, select one of the pre-built templates that the platform offers you. You will be able to find a vast number of stages and industries, so you will surely find the ideal one for you.
  • You can also create your own template.
  • Customize the selected template, if you wish. You can add color, graphics, dynamic charts, transitions and text with the tools provided by Vyond.
  • Insert the characters you want on your stage. Just drag and drop.
  • Free your imagination and configure the characters as you prefer. Use the platform’s library to select clothes, facial features, hairstyles, etc.
  • You can also vary the color of the accessories used.
  • Apply animation to your characters. Vyond has covered every detail and applies real movements to the characters you include in your videos. You can apply animation to walk, talk, draw, work, among many other activities.
  • Add audio to your creation and give more life to your characters. The audio will be synchronized and the protagonists of your video will move their lips naturally.
  • The platform also has a large collection of royalty-free music, so you can select background audio.

What kind of videos can you create with this animation software?

With just drag and drop, in a few minutes you be capable of get an attractive and entertaining video. You can create the animations you require for a wide range of uses.

You be able to produce videos to:

  • Explain how a product or service works.
  • Inform your employees about relevant aspects of the company.
  • Train your staff.
  • Create tutorials.
  • Social media content.
  • Long distance education.
  • Present a new project.
  • And much more.

Vyond in the professional world

The solutions that this tool offers are extensive. We share with you some of the most common application areas for Vyond.

Online training and education

Using animated videos is an excellent option to provide education, and to keep students’ attention at all times. With Vyond you can:

  • Put aside presentations and extensive texts.
  • Engaging students in a captivating way.
  • Apply active narration to explain complex issues.
  • Improve learning with visual communication.
  • Personalize and reuse content.
  • Improve the ability to remember details and concepts.
  • Store your videos in MP4 format and import them without any problem.


Incorporating videos into your marketing campaigns is now much easier with the use of Vyond. Audiovisuals are very effective elements in the area of ??advertising, so they will help you improve marketing results.

Use the online platform to:

  • Create content that captivates and encourages your audience to take action.
  • Produce videos to promote your products, services or brand.
  • Generate attractive content for your social network accounts.
  • Promote an event.
  • Use the platform’s functions and controls to upload your logos, images, sound and even other clips.
  • Improve your conversion rate by increasing the number of clicks, with original and explanatory videos.
  • Create videos specially designed for your audience.
  • Make animated GIFs for emails and social networks.
  • Update your marketing pieces with a new and modern video.

Human Resources

Videos are a very useful alternative when it comes to improving communication, teamwork and strengthening the culture of an organization.

Transmit messages in a standardized and friendly way using Vyond.

By using the software online you can:

  • Transmit important information quickly and clearly.
  • Have a greater reach. The information can be distributed to all employees regardless of where they are.
  • All staff will receive the same information.
  • People will stay in tune and in sync.
  • You will help strengthen the culture of your company, with a medium that allows greater retention of information.
  • You can create iconic characters for the company.

Security of your data

Vyond has been built on a strong foundation of security, and maintaining the highest standards set by the digital industry.

The platform offers a safe work area, where the data of its users are fully protected. They implement security measures and various developments to guarantee the safeguarding of the information that their users indicate or generate within the platform.

What is the price of Vyond?

The video editing tool offers a free version to its users, which has a short period of validity.

It also offers different plans, which fit different budgets. These plans range from $ 299 to $ 999 a year.

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