How to know if you need to change your Laptop

How to know if you need to change your Laptop

By carolc

There are two sorts of people: the first is the –my laptop has just 6 months since I bought it, but I’ve seen a gaming laptop at a local store for half its price- type. The second is the one that has taken the old Pentium Dual Core laptop to the store to get fixed for the fifth time in a year. Laptops are items that anyone should think wisely and do research before buying, in order to have a notebook that fits necessities, adapts to the type of work they do and, most important of all, withstands the test of time. The last, obviously, depends on how often you do maintenance to your Laptop. Nevertheless, no laptop on earth can endure more than a couple of years.

In this article we are going to analyze and give you a certain answer to the most asked question: When do I buy a new laptop? And how to know if I need to change my actual laptop? The following are the most common signs that indicate that it’s time to change your notebook.

Your laptop doesn’t starts on when you press the power button

This moment can be defined as one of the most desperating in life, when you press the start button and your device shows no sign of life.

When this happens there are certain steps that you can take to fix this, like plugging your laptop to the main supply and then trying to power on again. After plugging in your laptop, make sure that the plug is not loose and if it is, you might as well try with a different power supply.

However, if we assume that the problem persists and there is no way that you can fix this by your own. There are only two options: take it to a repair shop or any professional who can fix this or get a new one.

Take into account that there is still a possibility that the repair costs of your laptop are more expensive that you thought. If it is some important component like the motherboard, for instance, it could be way more expensive to fix. Additionally, if your laptop is old, it would be even more difficult to find this component to replace the old one.

So, in this situation we can assure you that it would be better to spend a little more money on a brand new machine instead of fixing an old laptop that might work just for a little longer.

Your Laptop is overheating excessively

If your laptop is getting pretty hot after being on for 10 minutes and apart from this your laptop is noisy and the system and programs are running slowly, this means that your notebook is getting old.

When laptops start having this issue it means that internal components are wearing off due to the usage, stress and heat that parts have been under over the years.

If your laptop cooling system starts having issues it could also mean that lack of maintenance. Cleansing has made that dust has covered fans which also leads to these sort of overheating issues on notebooks.

There is nothing much you can do to mend this. You can always take it to someone to repair this, but overheating and slow system performance are one of the signs that you might as well get a new model.

The screen aspect has changed over the years

One point that cannot be passed over without giving due attention is when the screen starts showing problems like flickering or going dim. These issues can also negatively affect your vision.

You can solve this problem by replacing the previous with a new one. But as you have read in the previous tips, it will be always better to invest on a new laptop than repairing your old one.

Your notebook is outdated

Although, your laptop might be a piece of value for you, especially if you have owned it for a long time, eventually these machines get outdated and you’ll have to buy a new one. Generally, when your laptop’s starts to show the problems we have previously talked about, overheating easily and slowing down, it means that the old technology your old laptop has is getting outmoded. Perhaps the operative system your old laptop has is no longer being supported.

In other words, the age of the software of your old laptop will eventually indicate that you should be thinking about purchasing a new machine.

The battery has gotten flat

This happens to all laptops. You surely have noticed that the battery’s endurance is no longer the same that when you bought it. When you firstly use a brand new laptop the battery lasts hours, but in a few years you will notice that the longevity is decreasing. Obviously, most people merely think of changing the battery for a new one, and they do it, if the laptop has an user-replaceable battery. There are some laptops that don’t have this feature, even though some manufacturers offer you a service for this.

Anyways, purchasing a new laptop will always be better, rather than using your old one that cannot be used without being unplugged from the main.

Hard-drive hangs up

Hard-drives (HD) have been supplanted by Solid-State Drives (SSD) since SSD are way much faster. You will notice the incredible difference of using a laptop with a SSD from another that has a HD. This doesn’t mean that there are no contemporary notebooks or desktop PCs that have hard-drive disks. On the contrary, they are still being used. But the difference is that HD runs slower. Apart from this, hard-drives are more suitable for desktop PCs rather than notebooks. Moving from hard-drive disk to solid-state could be a good reason to change your old laptop.


Nevertheless, if your laptop doesn’t have any of the signs we have talked about above, obviously you can keep it and, in the future, you can change it for a brand new one. But, if the situation is that your laptop has all the previous symptoms. We suggest you to look for any good sale on Amazon or any other store.