How to watch stories anonymously

How to watch stories anonymously

By germana

Instagram Stories annoyantly expose you, whether it’s a hidden crush you want to check out or you just enjoy your privacy. Even if you are not friends with the person, the account owner is always visible when you open their story. How to keep privacy and monitor users` activity? Let’s find out.

Ways of applying stories in business

Posting Instagram stories is the best way to add naturalness to your account. That’s why some users prefer them even more than regular posts. You may have come across accounts of celebrities who, in stories and profile images, appear very different. The accessibility phase is an easy way to explain it. Pictures can be viewed forever, whereas stories can only be seen for 24 hours. People feel more safe and free to express their true selves when they combine it with a lively real image.

The benefits, in terms of business, are evident. The audience can be introduced to the manufacturers, employees, policies, and internal operations of the company via brief videos. The user has the choice of whether to look or not because the stories look unintentional and the feed is not overcrowded.

Ways of applying stories in private life

The option of making stories seen only to a necessary number of people produces huge misunderstandings between people. Moreover, if you do not have the opportunity to watch even the regular stories anonymously. As a rule, Instagram users suffer from this restriction when it comes to close interpersonal relationships. You may have doubts that your beloved is cheating on you, or your crush has another love. Or maybe your friends hang out without you and hide their stories. Or you are a caring mom or dad that wants to know more about their children’s lives without ruining their personal space? Of course, the changes in the social platform were introduced to provide more confidentiality and privacy, but there are some situations when it is inconvenient, harmful, and even destructive. So, what is the way out?

Top 5 services to watch stories anonymously

Some time ago Instagram users had to create fakes or additional accounts to watch stories of others anonymously. That way caused much difficulty as it was extremely time-consuming and easily recognizable. No sophisticated tools are needed to detect the same fake name in the list of people who saw your stories. Creating a new profile every time you want to monitor somebody’s activity is not the best decision, is it?

Fortunately, demand breeds supply, and developers designed efficient third party online instruments for watching stories without mentioning a real nickname. Online services work to provide complete anonymity and fulfill the desires of customers. We`ve rounded up the top 5 most effective helpers for anonymous tracking of actions of the necessary people on Instagram.

–          DataJam is a useful tool for anonymously browsing Instagram stories from public accounts. You may watch Instagram stories without logging in using the capability offered by the site. Enter the nickname of a person and you will get access to the statistics of a profile and the latest publications. Simple registration process, availability of the trial period for $1, user-friendly interface, and full confidentiality are the main advantages of the service. Easy payment method allows choosing the necessary option – trial, basic, or full, depending on the number of accounts and time you want to monitor them.

Along with the chance to view stories anonymously, you also obtain information according to 18 indicators. You will not face aged data as the service constantly updates and represents new content from the person`s page.


–          Story Saver

Story Saver is the next website in the list offering monitoring public stories anonymously. Besides, you may download stories, highlights, and videos just in a few clicks. The step-by-step instruction is represented in the name page of Story Saver and does not contain complicated actions. Enter the username and the service will show you the recently posted publications. Choose the option Highlights to download the saved stories of the person. The content may be saved to any operating system and device, there are no limitations on this point.  

One of the obvious minuses of the free app is the presence of advertising. It may appear annoying to see the ads every time you try to click a button. Besides, reviews say that there are constant problems with logging in.

–          BlindStory

BlindStory describes itself as the app that allows watching and downloading stories without making any trace. It offers HD quality of stories and highlights, access to any public account, possibility to add favorite accounts, and download the content within a few seconds. The app is also available on any mobile device.

The app for watching and saving stories BlindStory has paid functions and presence of advertising. However, the interface is stylish, simple, and user-friendly. After logging in you see the list of your followings and the number of posted stories, and the search button. The service provides 15 free story views available. You may prefer the more advanced version BlindStory Premium and subscribe to a month, 6 months, or a year of unlimited access. Their cost is 3$, 13$ and 18$ respectively. According to the terms of use, you may cancel your subscription at any time.

–          Storized

Storized is the application for watching stories anonymously designed only for IPhones and IPads. It works only with public accounts and is not effective in the case of the private ones. However, you can watch high-resolution photos in the private profiles.

The service does not allow content saving, but you can add accounts to favorites and do not search them every time. If you feel that the free package of functions is not enough for you, choose one of the offered PRO packages – weekly subscription Pro Package $1.49/week, monthly subscription Pro Package $3.99/month and yearly subscription Pro Package $19.99/year.

The whole sum will be charged to your iTunes account when you make this subscription purchase. If auto-renew is not disabled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period, the subscription will renew on its own. 24 hours before the end of the current period, the account will be debited for renewal. That may become a relevant inconvenience, but by navigating to the user’s Account Settings after a purchase, subscriptions can be modified and auto-renewal can be disabled.  

–          Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram

Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro is a free service that enables anonymous Instagram profile monitoring. You can covertly follow news and highlights, live broadcasts (online, streaming, and recordings), posts (pictures, videos, and text publications), likes, comments, and subscribers with the aid of the platform. The service is based on the same principle as all the above-mentioned apps – it activates the incognito mode and does not allow the system to see your real username.

The application does not contain ads or paid functions; it is free and performs only the most basic operations. It is not the best choice if there is a necessity to utilize more complex tools.

The developers of the app promise future updating and improvement as well as adding new possibilities to its users.

Crucial points to keep in mind

Along with the invention of social networks, people have started losing their privacy. Everything is easily found and vividly shown to the vast audience. To avoid such an exposure, users prefer making short-term publications, like posting stories.

Still, sometimes exploring somebody`s stories anonymously is a need that may help to avoid unpleasant consequences. To obtain qualified help and reliable results it is advisable to use services with positive reviews. Make sure that you are not sharing your personal data with fraudulent apps containing a long list of problems and bugs. 

The above-mentioned apps successfully view a public account’s stories without notifying the user of your real name. Choose the most appropriate service to your needs and budget. The users of PC will appreciate the websites more, while the owners of other devices may choose an app according to the operational system. Pay attention to the cost and the corresponding number of functions as well. Consider whether it is worth it to overpay in your case or the available free package is more than enough.

Remember that the number of useful services impresses, just select the suitable one and enjoy its successful implementation. 


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