If you want to improve your Podcast you can use these tools

If you want to improve your Podcast you can use these tools

By dayannastefanny

It was Spotify Stream On New Edition, an event to showcase what’s new on the streaming platform, where Spotify unveiled the new direction of the program and all the news related to it, in every way we give more life to Spotify and share it with all the creators in the world who can work with Spotify, regardless of their artistic or professional stage.

Spotify Stream On New Edition

Spotify launched its new Spotify Stream On today in Los Angeles, California. An event where he unveiled the great news of the platform, which is primarily for artists, but also affects all users of music and podcast application. With the support of artists, podcasters, and creators, they presented all the new features and tools with which the company wants to give a 360-degree turn to its platform.  In any case, the goal of the program is to grow its audience and develop the career of all content producers to the maximum.

Spotify for podcasters has been updated with these features

Podcasts on Spotify are constantly growing, and listeners can’t get enough of listening to shows about special topics and following their favorite content producers. That’s why today we’re celebrating a new way to connect users and podcasters more intimately: video podcasts.

Today, we’re expanding our video podcasting capabilities through the Anchor platform in more than 180 global markets, highlighting the investment in the format and the opportunities for creators to reach new global audiences. Video podcasts are a great way to make these connections, and our commitment to this format ensures a better experience for creators and fans.

We are expanding our video podcasting capabilities for creators in Colombia, a country that has shown interest in new ways to create and experience podcasts. Video creators can now reach new audiences around the world on Spotify. While audio-based podcasters can begin to experiment with new formats and provide content that listeners can interact with more deeply.

Just as we created a set of innovative tools for podcasters, we are doing the same for audio-visual content. Video podcasts have the potential to grow, opening a new way to help your audience interact with your programs.

Some Favorites

This content makes listeners feel more connected to the creators behind their favorite shows, whether they’re just listening to audio or watching the video, or even switching between the two.

“The platform’s various tools and capabilities ensure we can better reach our community. With this new feature we are closer, always in the best quality”

confirm the creators of Desconectados, a podcast between friends about current affairs and music.

Our approach to video podcasts is focused on prioritizing creators and their needs. By learning from users and iterating, we are pioneering new audio formats, interactivity, unique listening experiences, and tools they can use to better manage their creative experience and content. This extension drives innovation on our platform for creators and listeners around the world.

“It’s important for a content producer to use the tools Spotify offers to stay connected and create a stronger bond with their viewers. It facilitates emotional intimacy, shows a more human side of you, and allows you to distribute your content more effectively. Create a bond with audiovisual stimulation through Spotify video podcasts in such a way that viewers feel part of the conversation and topic of conversation during the video”

emphasizes the ¡Háblamelo Nea! podcast, which focuses on different personalities from social media, music, etc.

Digital content creators

For digital content creators, the best thing about video podcasts is that their content can be used flexibly. In Spotify, they can switch between active viewing (video in the foreground) and background listening, and they can seamlessly export their shows on the fly. This means that everyone can now enjoy their favorite episodes anywhere, anytime.

Video creators can now use Spotify’s innovative creative tools. Tools designed specifically for podcast production, and tap into the platform’s global audience of 456 million monthly listeners. Fans of video podcasts in these regions can now use the background video playback feature to switch between active viewing (foreground video) and passive listening (background video). This format is now available on Spotify players, including:

  • Spotify’s mobile app
  • Desktop app
  • Web player
  • Smart speakers
  • Most smart TVs
  • Game consoles.

In the podcast sector, the platform has announced a new version of Spotify for Podcasters. The platform offers improved access to exclusive features such as video podcasts and interactive tools. It also includes Megaphone, the company’s hosting solution for publishers. In terms of original content on Spotify, the company is partnering with DC and Warner Bros. to release a new podcast series on David S. Goyer and Phantom 4’s “The Riddler: Secrets in the Dark.” Users of the platform will find all the recognizable characters from the Batman Unearthed series.

Tools for artists

The company also introduced a new revenue stream to help artists grow. Merchandising and Live Events give content creators more visibility to concert offerings and lineups by displaying them in more places on the schedule. There is also the expansion of the Fans First program, which allows loyal listeners to receive notifications. Notifications that give them special access to pre-concert sales and exclusive merchandise.

The addition of Spotify Clips, which allows artists to add 30-second videos to their profile so fans can immerse themselves in their tracks while listening. Countdown Pages, which offers dedicated space on the artist’s profile and Spotify homepage. Space that allows fans to pre-order albums, watch exclusive videos, pre-order merchandise, and watch the countdown to their favorite artist’s release. As for royalties, he also reminded us that Spotify returns nearly 70 percent of its profits to the music industry. Currently, the sum of Spotify’s total payments to rights holders is approaching $40 billion.

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