Increase the security of your Wi-Fi

Increase the security of your Wi-Fi

By carolc

The Wi-Fi network is a network used by thousands of family members and establishments. It is a very common network to find and there are always several devices connected at the same time.

The Wi-Fi network is often the target of cybercriminals who access the network intending to steal personal or business information. Therefore, it is very important that security measures are implemented.

The damage may not always be caused by a technology expert. The permission that is given to these users who are accessing your network internally is also very important.

When these users access to content that they shouldn’t and end up being victims of theft through your network, it can be something that can cause a lot of problems.

In any case, it is always important to have a secure communication network. Both for own use, for the company, and also for users connected to it. One way to expand the network is with secure technologies in companies, such as using the Cisco Umbrella.

Why use this type of equipment?


It is very simple to make it work. It is referring your DNS to Umbrella and with that, you will have all protection in just a few minutes.

Predict threats

Using DNS is the initial option to enter the virtual world, with this it is possible to stop threats that are around your network and be able to stop them from entering the network.

Protect yourself from malicious files

With security equipment combined with great security practices, it is possible to reduce infections in these files by up to 75%.

Have protection in various types of situations

With the Cisco Umbrella system, there are several protections you get, such as protection from malware, ransomware, command and control callbacks, phishing attacks, and other malicious files that can damage important equipment, such as servers, in addition to stealing essential data both company and network users.

The global company Cisco handles approximately 180 billion internet requests daily.

With this, it shows the confidence and credibility in its way of managing the protection of its customers.

Various resources available

There are several features that this technology offers that are of great importance to its users. It is also possible to ensure that users connected to the network access only what is allowed.

This can be done in a very subtle way. You can classify those permissions with a category filter and also list all permissions.

You sort the permissions into 80 categories. This favors a lot because it is possible to fit several situations that each company has, in addition to the billions of web pages.

Thus, the control over what users will be able to access or not is much more effective and organized.

In a professional way, you have access to all content through a panel and have information for decision making. You can analyze information for each user, location, or in general.

Ease of installation

Depending on the size of the organization, implementing a network with a different policy and change is synonymous with something laborious and time-consuming.

When it is already working, while configuring, adjusting, and analyzing permissions, it can cause a slow network, and also making any changes to the internal rules can be very complicated to do.

To implement Umbrella’s technology is something entirely different. It can be done quickly and safely. There is no need to install equipment that requires specialized professionals or systems that require time-consuming configurations.

To secure up to thousands of accesses, you need to report DNS traffic to the global Cisco Umbrella.

The professionalism and competence of network security are surprising. Its network informs Umbrella, which quickly displays information separately or in general so that action can be taken as soon as possible.

Want more benefits?

Do you want even more advantages to using this technology? You can implement it in a few minutes and still have key features in the cloud firewall.

With the growth of this cloud technology, criminals may try to hack to steal information. With firewall protection, granular rules can be defined by IP, port, and many more security settings.

All internet access is checked beforehand by Umbrella, so this is possible even before any exchange of information with the internet, any type of suspicious or malicious access is verified.