Innovative camera application developed by Google

Innovative camera application developed by Google

By dayannastefanny

Google offers different applications some of the examples we have are Google Maps, Google Fit, Google Drive, Google Keep, Google play, and many more applications, which can be found on Android devices or operating systems such as Windows and Chrome os, and each application is born to meet a need.

What is a Google camera?

Google camera is one of those many applications that very few know and download because usually cell phones and tablets have other camera applications configured but for the year 2014 was launched this application for Android in the play store, but now only google pixel “which is developed by Google but are found in operating systems such as Chrome Os and Android” is supported.

Google camera features

  • It has high dynamic range images also known as HDR, what it does is improve photography since it adjusts the image better, offers more light or darkens if the person wants, improves the colors, and also offers a motion blur in the images all this was done in order to take pictures as well as a professional.
  • The camera also has hardware accelerators to get a better result when taking pictures.
  • Google photos has this face recognition and saves the images in a folder, in this camera application also allows you to recognize frequent faces no matter if you make different gestures or hair changes.
  • You can take 10 photos just by holding down the shutter button, which allows you to make image animations or collages.
  • There is also an enhancement for motion photos making the movements look more natural and the movement made look slower.
  • It now has a photo Astro mode, and this is interesting for many who want to take a picture of the sky as often cameras fail to capture anything and only look at dark or a spot of light instead of the moon, this is achieved because the camera can detect the type of pixel and adapt it to what you need.
  • It has night vision as it has a Night Sight function this makes the details and sharpness of the photo even at night look very good.
  • For videos it offers an optical image and a digital image, and this makes the video you make have excellent quality and stability.

What is expected with this camera?

At every moment they are updated, improved, and developed more applications in order to offer the best always, and lately, the cell phones that have been developed focus more on their cameras that leave aside other functions, for this reason, the Google camera acquires the best of the other applications and to be used and exploited to the fullest, and that this version is incorporated into smartphones and to eliminate the preinstalled application camera of cell phones.

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