Instagram: How to Turn your Profile into a Personal Blog

Instagram: How to Turn your Profile into a Personal Blog

By Alex Balaniuc

Have you ever thought about the possibility of using your Instagram profile as a blog? A blog is the best place to post about things you’re interested in, it’s a means to fuel your passion and to be more in touch with yourself. Wouldn’t it be great to adopt this idea on Instagram as well? We all know by now that the photo-sharing social media platform is a heaven for artists and creators of any kind that are eager to showcase their talent, but it could also be a place where users dedicate their profile to specific hobbies and interests in the form of a blog. Even better, it might become a form of income.

What is the Personal Blog on Instagram?



On Instagram, the “Personal blog” account feature is primarily used for business purposes. Setting your personal profile as a Personal blog means turning the account into a professional/business account. A professional account will help you manage your online brand better, for example by letting you know how your posts are performing through insights about your followers, by creating promotions to reach more people and also by adding a contact button to allow potential customers to get in touch with you. If you don’t own a business, don’t worry: you can use your Personal blog as an individual creator anyway. As a creator with a Personal blog, you could make money by getting sponsor proposals from companies, but this is more likely in case you already have a big enough follower base. Wether you’re aiming at making money on Instagram or not through a Personal blog, keep in mind that managing a professional account takes a lot more effort than a personal one. Think through each Instagram post you publish by selecting an eye-catching photo/video, adding an interesting caption and using as many hashtags as possible.

Now, if you’re seriously considering having a Personal blog, just keep reading, because we’re going to tell you how to create a Personal blog on Instagram!

What to know beforehand

In order to turn your Instagram profile into a Personal blog, you need to own a Facebook Page as well. In fact, if you aren’t able to link your Personal blog to your Facebook Page, the procedure of creating the Personal blog can’t be completed. You should also already have either a personal Instagram account or a Professional one.

Switch from personal account to Personal Blog in a few easy steps

Here are the steps to set your existing Instagram profile as a Personal blog:

– log into your Instagram account

– go to your profile and tap the menu icon at the top right



– now select Settings



– then go to Account



– here, you’ll have to scroll down and tap “Switch to Professional Account



– your personal account will now be turned into a Professional Account



– the next step is linking your Instagram profile to a Facebook Page, so choose the Page

– during the “Choose a Category” step you’ll have to pick the category your profile belongs to: select “Personal Blog”

– complete all of the following steps, and your personal profile will be successfully switched to a Personal blog!


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