Instagram now allows friends’ posts to be bookmarked and stored in a dedicated space

Instagram now allows friends’ posts to be bookmarked and stored in a dedicated space

By eduardogaitancortez

In 2017, Instagram introduced a bookmarking functionality that enables users to save posts from their Instagram feed into various collections, tailored to their interests and preferences. This “Collections” hold functionality has changed the way users interact with the platform and engage with posts, allowing them to organize and review their preferred content directly from their own custom galleries. Raising the bar, Instagram now lets you save posts with friends and share collections with each other.


Instagram dropped “Collaborative Collection” which enables users to save posts to collections and share the collections together. Up to 250 members have the ability to share a pickup Instagram introduced a brand new feature this week that allows users to produce general collections with their friends or selected contacts. So-called collaborative collections are a new way to share interests and save posts in a special place dedicated to that purpose, in a group chat or in a personal direct message.

According to comments on social networks, the attractive tool is designed to compete with Pinterest’s group boards, which allow you to “post” content to share with contacts. Adam Mosseri, lead at Instagram, described the functionality:

“Now once you go to save a piece of content to the Feed or from your direct messages, you’ll see a whole new choice for generating a collaborative compilation. From there you will have the possibility to give the collection a custom name and share it with your friends. When they receive it, your friends have a chance to start boosting photo content.”

From the application they confirmed that the collaborative collections are part of a long-awaited update on the platform, with various use cases. For example, this functionality could be used to help a group of friends plan a trip, allowing them to save posts about places they want to see or things they want to try once they visit a new place. They could also be used for everyday things, like creating a dedicated place to share posts about common interests with your contacts, like memes, recipes, tips, ideas, and much more.

How Instagram Collaborative Collections work

As reported by the Meta application, any member of a group chat can add or delete entries from the collection. In addition, it will be possible to add posts shared in a chat directly to a collaborative collection. To do this, you will have to press the bookmark icon that appears next to the publication and, then, add it to an existing collaborative collection or generate a completely new one.

Content saved in these collections can integrate Reels, Browse content, particular fonts, and more. Also, it is essential to mention that this does not invade the privacy of private accounts. Any post added from a private account to a shared collection only accessible to users who follow that account. If the post’s author dismisses it from their account, the post will also be removed from the collection. When a collaborative collection is created, a private collection cannot be reset.


Likewise, any private collection could not be shared with others. Instagram has been doing some work to improve the media platform to be more business and brand friendly, as we saw once it launched the new streaming functionality called Channels and also ads in search results. Now that Instagram now makes it possible for you to save posts with friends, this collaborative collecting functionality is a step in the right direction to foster greater relationship and social engagement.

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