Interview with Andrea Gilberti, CEO & President of Matchplat

Interview with Andrea Gilberti, CEO & President of Matchplat

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Interview with Andrea Gilberti, CEO & President of Matchplat, the company that automates the production of a market analysis.

Traditional B2B marketing techniques no longer produce the results of the pre-digital era. The reason is simple: the habits of customers and their prospects, especially in the B2B field, have changed completely. If first buyers depended entirely on potential suppliers and then on representatives, to know the functions of a product or service and to be updated with the latest industry news, today they can do all the research they want while sitting at their desk, simply with internet access. Tough times for B2B sales, in short, but if you want to grow your business, using more efficient tools and finding the right qualified companies in each of the markets you are interested in, the best choice you can make is called Matchplat!

What’s Matchplat

Matchplat has developed a platform for automated market analysis. By merging a database with over 400 million companies in 196 countries and artificial intelligence algorithms, Matchplat can quickly identify new customers, distributors, suppliers and competitors in line with each personal goals.

Thanks to Matchplat’s technology, companies can achieve more effective solutions, thanks to the competitive price, and more efficient options, thanks to the reduction of working time and to the quality of the results.

The platform allows industry to develop business worldwide, identifying companies with the characteristics of interest through an analysis of their Web content and information from institutional sources

To learn more about the topic, we interviewed Andrea Gilberti, CEO of Matchplat.

Hi Andrea, thank you so much for this opportunity. It is really a pleasure to meet you. Tell us more about Matchplat.

Matchplat was born in 2017 as an innovative startup and today it is a reality with over 50 employees, a headquarters in Bergamo and two sales subsidiaries in the UK and Germany. The last two years have accelerated changes already underway, also pushing the B2B world towards new solutions for its growth. Analyzing the market has always been essential, and Matchplat wants to make this business accessible to everyone, regardless of industry sector and size, thanks to AI algorithms applied to a worldwide database of companies.

How and when was the idea born?

The idea was born during my previous experience in the biomedical sector. The need to continuously identify new industrial partners and customers was met through slow and expensive tools such as trade fairs and business trips. From this, was born the idea of a means by which companies could quickly and accurately identify new customers, distributors, suppliers and partners.

How did you launch your startup? Did you use crowdfunding campaigns?

Yes, we used crowdfunding campaigns and funding rounds, with the entry of the first Business Angel in 2018. The successive capital collections, between 2020 and 2021, have allowed us to consolidate our presence in the Italian market and to expand it abroad, through a continuous improvement of technologies and a constant investment in people and on their capabilities. 

What can a company do with Matchplat?

Find companies in line with its needs, all over the world and in a few minutes, thanks to our Explore platform. The credit goes to Artificial Intelligence, which allows automatic analysis of the online content of over 400 million companies in the world, classifying them on the basis of their characteristics and activities. All this reduces time and costs of classic market analysis.

How do you choose your partners?

Over time we have built our network of partners following a clear principle: select companies able to observe the market and listen to the needs of companies, offering effective and innovative solutions.

Goals for the future?

Definitely, to continue to improve our idea, making our technologies more and more complete and close to SMEs, in and outside Italy. We know that many small and medium-sized companies are still tied to traditional working methods: which is why our aim is to show them the importance of market analysis, making this resource available to every organization.

Curiosity: how is the approach of companies to marketing changing in this post-pandemic era?

The post-pandemic era sees not only changes in the approach to marketing, but more generally about the strategies of companies. Many are understanding the importance of having correct information on which to base their choices. Identify alternative markets, find the right partners, evaluate new suppliers: all different activities but that requires a clear vision of the scenario in which the company operates. A vision that can only be achieved through up-to-date data, such as the ones we make available with our analytics.


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