Is ‘Disney Dreamlight Valley’ Going to Be Multiplayer in 2023?

Is ‘Disney Dreamlight Valley’ Going to Be Multiplayer in 2023?

By camilaforero

About the game

One of the most loved life simulation adventure games so far has been Disney Dreamlight Valley, since the release of this game which was on September 6, 2022, this game has been one of the most loved by users and players. It was in early access on consoles and PC right from the release date, and gamers love it as you can find a slew of characters from both Disney and Pixar that everyone knows and loves from their favorite movies and TV shows.

Also this game has been quite appealing to all gamers because you get to enjoy a cozy virtual lifestyle of gathering resources and taking care of a magical valley, all this while also interacting with all your favorite childhood characters from these shows and movies that many of us love.

More you can know about:

Even though the game draws a lot of attention from the players and the characters that are in the game are amazing, the game has its share of glitches that you would expect an early access title to have. But still, in case you have previously played games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, many gamers find it a pleasurable moment to switch from playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons to playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Still, one of the things that Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn’t have compared to New Horizons is a multiplayer feature, so we wonder if playing with more people is going to be possible in the near future?

Is ‘Disney Dreamlight Valley’ going to be multiplayer?

Information could be found from the developer Gameloft that according to an announcement made on their blog the Disney Dreamlight Valley game should have a multiplayer feature and that in fact this feature should be available to everyone sometime in the second half of 2023.

Similarly, the developer Gameloft showed a content roadmap infographic for the game to be seen soon, and in that content roadmap infographic it was confirmed that multiplayer would be coming this year, however, despite Having this information, no more details were found that speak or give more information about what will be the arrival of the multiplayer function for the game.

Also, something that is rumored and speculated about the Disney Dreamlight Valley game and the multiplayer feature is that it is still undergoing intense testing in order to achieve the desired results, for this reason, the developers have not given more information or details about the function until they are not sure about the launch.

Still, sometime in April when Simba from The Lion King arrives in an update we may well have more details as Gameloft aims to share those details throughout the year. Therefore, it is expected that within this information and details that the developers are preparing, information will be included on whether Disney Dreamlight Valley will have a cooperative mode, online multiplayer or both this year, or also a definitive release date.

The next patch:

What we do know is that in the next patch, which is in February, there are new characters. We get to see Mirabel Madrigal from Encanto and Olaf from the Frozen movies, plus players will also be able to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary with an upcoming Star Path.

Many of the game’s fans expect the multiplayer feature to receive the same treatment as other features such as adding new characters, kingdoms and smoothing out the player experience in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Gameloft focuses a lot on game features, therefore having an online multiplayer and cooperative feature would be an amazing experience for everyone who plays this game.

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