All About Gran Turismo 7 VR

All About Gran Turismo 7 VR

By camilaforero

The new Sony PlayStation VR2 headset has officially been launched. And we’ve seen that Sony didn’t distribute to reviewers ahead of time some of the key experiences, thus many people still didn’t actually know about it as a day one patch for Gran Turismo 7 that makes almost the entire racing game playable. in virtual reality.

And indeed, looking back, one of the best is Gran Turismo 7, and some enthusiasts may buy a PlayStation VR2 just for this game, and quite possibly a PS5, wheel and pedal set to go along with it. Besides that GT7 is easily one of the best things about this headset.

The Game

When you start the game it’s just like when you start the game on a flat screen TV, exactly the same. You then have to adjust your display settings and steering preferences, before launching into a mandatory mini-game where you try to outdo the music by launching a vintage Porsche around a track.

The game is very cool because you are not looking at the car because, in fact, you are in the car, looking through the windshield of its detailed cockpit from the moment the race starts, also when you drive a car in this game you are in the cockpit, and it is a cabin that is working.


You can find the speedometer and tachometer feature, where you have depth perception, which is good enough to preemptively brake without needing to go off track like some players have done so many times before in racing games. You can also use the car’s rear view mirrors to spot rivals and prevent them from passing you.
GT7 takes advantage of eye-tracking foveated rendering to seamlessly upsample, like other PSVR 2 games, where you’re looking, and downstairs everywhere else.

You can even turn your head to measure the distance between the vehicle and the cars you’re trying to pass, or say goodbye to those you’ve already left behind. Also, if you look down you might see your avatar’s arm manipulating on the gearbox if you choose a manual transmission.


You can see all the vehicles you own in a virtual reality “showroom” that is available, also there you can review any vehicle you can buy, and you can also check them out from any angle without racing at all.

To keep in mind while you are playing the game

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the VR illusion is definitely flawed, and in fact both the track and the surroundings don’t look particularly well textured in VR. Even some rival cars often seem to be flickering in and out of existence.

It may also be the case that there is a heavy rain that splashes the windshield and in fact it does not seem to come from the sky, in addition that some testimonies say that this effect left the interior of a car, for example a Mazda Miata convertible, completely dry.

There is an option that Sony added and that in fact is not liked by all the public, this is the “VR Replay”, where you can see yourself after each race. This is literally like you will be teleported as a spectator a few hundred feet along the race track, far enough that you can see your car many times and there is no option to control replay.

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