Wild Hearts is a fresh take on Monster Hunter

Wild Hearts is a fresh take on Monster Hunter

By camilaforero

Fortnite introduced a new way to play a while back, about a year or so ago, this way comes with a mode that eschewed the build game for something more like a normal shooter. So this style of building has turned up in the most unlikely place which is in this game called Wild Hearts. With this game a new version of the hunting genre than Monster Hunter has been firmly established.

This game has been developed by Dynasty Warriors studio Omega Force and published by EA, which in essence, is a riff on Monster Hunter World, as even that game takes place in a vast desert which is not an open world per se, but a series of connected spaces.

On the other hand, in this game there is a sprawling human city where you can go to get quests, meet people, and use the pieces you cut from animals to upgrade your weapons and armor. In addition, they are large islands, each with its own ecosystem and different creatures to hunt and fight.

How does the game work?

Wild Hearts is a game built around a very particular cycle, just like MonHun. In this game you can go on a hunt, you go out and fight that particular creature to the death, and if you are successful, you take your loot back to the base to upgrade your gear so you can take on even bigger hunts. There’s even a whole story about animals becoming aggressive and invading human land, however this story isn’t very convincing and really just serves as an excuse for the meat of the experience: hunting.

More features:

The hunts are quite fun actually, and you even have a range of different types of weapons to choose from and upgrade, you can pick a weapon that is sort of like an umbrella with blades that makes my hunter particularly dangerous in the air, and that plus the battles themselves require planning and patience.

In the game, the ideal is to have the right equipment and a closet full of healing elements before heading to the battle you want to carry out. Then when you come into contact with the beast, you must carefully follow its patterns, finding the right moment to attack.

Other facts about the game

One point to highlight about the game is that it has creature designs that are quite particular, in fact almost all of them are reminiscent of animals in the real world, but fused with natural elements to make them look like some kind of ancient forest god, this makes the game cool.

As you play you can fight towering lava apes and gigantic warthogs made of wood and moss, you may even come across animals like a cross between a flying squirrel and a unicorn, somehow inexplicably making dolphin noises before attacking.

What makes Wild Hearts different?

Basically what makes Wild Hearts different is its building mechanics, as you get to play as a rare hunter who can take advantage of ancient technology called karakuri, which means you can create cool gadgets on the go. The game starts out simple, but then you can reach new areas or encounter monsters, but as you progress through the game you may have new technology that gives you a wide variety of flexibility in how you approach a battle.

If you are a fan of games like Monster Hunter World, you are definitely going to enjoy Wild Hearts a lot as it offers enough differences to feel familiar and refreshing at the same time, just like playing Monster Hunter World.

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