Anime Showdown Is Finally out on Roblox

Anime Showdown Is Finally out on Roblox

By camilaforero

On many occasions, if we are fans of video games, we imagine a game that unites not only the fun of a game, for example of fights, but also some of our favorite characters from a series, anime or movie. Have you ever imagined playing a fighting game where Naruto Uzumaki and Jotaro Kujo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure clashed in a battle? Playing Jump Force maybe you have experienced it.

However, if you are a fan of games and Roblox, maybe at some point you have wanted to play a game with this fighting theme and with your favorite characters. Now, with the Anime Showdown game you will be able to have the opportunity. We find in this game that is on the platform, that you can play a fan-made fighting game starring anime characters.

This is a new game that was created for you to make your imagination come true, you will find in this game popular characters from Japanese anime and video games that fight each other, for example, there are characters like Naruto or Goku from Dragon Ball, or Ulquiorra (Bleach). ) or Rimiru Tempest. You can find various characters that you will be able to use in this game and with whom you can also play and have fun.

You can play Anime Showdown with a certain amount of Robux, at this time you can play it with 200 Robux, however, the amount may change.

Some codes for ‘Anime Showdown’ on Roblox

With the codes you get in Roblox you can get special and unlockable items in various games, also, certain codes you can use for Roblox in general, but on the other hand there are other codes that can be attached to certain popular games on the platform.

With some codes you can get exclusive items and cosmetics for games, plus these also help Roblox games to be updated with the codes, therefore, a good alternative is to frequently check these codes and updates to redeem the codes and get items that help you in the games and the platform.

Anime Showdown:

The Anime Showdown game was released recently, at the end of January 2023, so there are not many codes for this game. However, let’s see below some of the codes that can be obtained at the moment for the game:

  • !redeem RELEASE — 10,500 coins and 1,000 gems

This code is still available, however, it may expire or change to another one, as well as there may be more new codes. The ideal thing in this case is also to be attentive to the updates and the codes that can be generated, in addition, you can join the Discord server of the game, there you can always be attentive if new codes are published that you can use.

How to redeem codes in ‘Roblox’ games

In order to redeem the codes, whether for this game or any other, you just have to follow a few simple steps.

The first thing you should do is load the game, and open the chat box in the upper left. After this you must enter the exact code, since if an error is made it may not work, once you have entered it you must press Enter, or also the confirmation button on your controller. Once the steps have been completed, the code must be redeemed and then you can receive your rewards immediately.

Anime Showdown is expected to have new characters and new codes very soon, since it is a new game, we may have new items coming soon.

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