Tips and Tricks: PS5

Tips and Tricks: PS5

By camilaforero

Despite the fact that the PS5 console was released several years ago, it has been difficult for some people to buy it. And on the other hand, the people who do have the console do not know all the functions that it has and do not understand the device itself.

However, today we will see a guide to learn more about the PS5 console so that you can understand and get the most out of the device. We’ll look at features like getting into games quickly, and even setting automatic settings for games as well. Also, in case you want to know more about resolving errors on your PS5, you can check by clicking the link.

Familiarity with DualSense

This is a game-changing console controller itself, with a new design and also a great feel to the controller’s grip. This Sony DualSense has a standout feature which is intricate haptic feedback on the controller.

There are several games that don’t have proper integration with what the DualSense is capable of, but there are other games like Astro’s Playroom, which is probably the only game that takes advantage of the controller’s haptic and motion sensors. So if you want to start familiarizing yourself with the DualSense controller, Astro’s Playroom is the right game to start with, then you’ll know what it’s like for new games that are compatible in the future.

The PS button is much more than it seems

Previously with the PS button on PS4, players could use the PS button with a single press to go to the PS home screen, also with a double press on the PS button you can switch between apps, which were pretty simple functions . However, with the new DualSense controller on the PS5 and because of the muscle memory it has, it can do more than that.

Single tap: 

Open up the control center.

Double tap: 

Brings up the current game’s progress and other information about the game.

Long press: 

Takes players to the PS5’s home screen.

Trophy videos are gimmicks; turn them off

It is not ideal to save videos when you win a trophy in a game because this consumes space on the PS5. Although many people like to save and share these victories, it is best not to consume console space in this way.

Now you can deactivate this option by following a few steps thanks to Sony:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Captures and Broadcasts.
  3. You can find the option “Trophies”.
  4. There, you can disable the Save Trophy Videos setting.

Use cards to get into games quickly

You can use the “Cards” option to get into games faster and avoid going to the home screen and selecting the game. You can scroll down from a game on the home screen and find the “activities” section, then press “square” on a card, and this way you can directly enter the point of the game that appears on the card that was selected.

Change the way notifications show

Sometimes there are notifications that appear in the middle of a game, which is quite annoying. Therefore, Sony has created a setting for you to disable this setting. You just have to go to Settings> Notifications, there is the option to disable notifications or you can also change the settings according to the types of notifications.

More control with power-saving settings

You can find the PS5 console sleep mode according to a set time, or also set the time for the controller to turn off when not in use. You just have to go to Settings> System> Power Saving, there you can select the options that seem best to you to save energy.

No spoilers

You can disable spoilers by going to Settings > Saved data and Game/App settings > Spoiler Warnings. By selecting “Warn about game spoilers” you will be able to omit any spoiler either at the beginning or any moment of the game.

Customize the control center

You can organize the control center as best suits you, as well as access certain settings quickly. Pressing the PS button once on the DualSense will bring up the control center, then press the home button and you can make your changes.

Choose to log in offline

You can choose to log in by appearing offline so that you can enjoy the game in peace. You can change the settings and disable automatic login, and you can also change the option from the control center.

Gameplay stats make it easy to track progress

Thanks to Sony you now have the function to see the statistics of the games, you can review the time you have spent in each game, how many trophies have been unlocked, the general progress you have had in the game and the time you played for last time in a specific game.

To access the stats you have to click on the profile image on the PS5 home screen and then go to the profile, and there you can see all the statistics. These are the main features so far that you can start using on your PS5 and enjoy more of the gaming experience.

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