PlayStation Plus on February 2023

PlayStation Plus on February 2023

By julianapardogonzalez

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the new and free games deliveries coming to PS Plus February 2023. Keep in mind, this will only be for the Essential tier of games. 

Knowing that PS Plus started the 2023 with a strong lineup, as the blockbuster Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Axiom Verge 2, and Fallout 76. Which makes you wonder if this month will continue with the same streak of success and at the same time as a result makes you want to know about the PS Plus lineup on this month. 

Remember that the PlayStation 5 is backward compatible with the PS4, so, when you see games from the previous generation console here, surely you can also use them in the new generation. 

This is the confirmed list by PlayStation of PS Plus free games 

The games will be available on Tuesday, February 7,2023, for all subscribers to the Essential tier and above. 

Here you will find the games with the official prices of Sony’s digital website, as sometimes they may be different from what you will find in stores, but they serve as a reference to see the value of the games you get. 

  • Destiny 2 Beyond Light DLC – PS4, PS5  

It is a DLC of Destiny 2, an expansion in which you are invited to explore a new universe with new operations and new powers. It is valued at 29.99 euros. 

  • Evil Dead The Game – PS5, PS4 

With a value of 39.99 euros. It is an action game and touches of survival-horror based on the movie of the same name. It offers a multiplayer experience, which helps to assemble or be part of a team of four survivors who must explore and loot scenarios, craft items and defend their lives. 

  • Mafia Definitive Edition – PS4 

This game is valued at 39.99 euros, and it is a remake of Mafia. This action game brings an open world, new stories, and additions to the storyline, as well as new mechanics and new soundtrack pieces. 

  • OlliOlli World – PS5, PS4 

You can find it for a value of 29,99 euros. It is the third installment of this saga, is a game of action and platforms with skateboarding. You will have to move around the screen doing all kinds of tricks and combos, while meeting characters in your quest for the mystical gods of skateboarding. 

Here are the possible predictions for the PlayStation Plus free games on February 

  • Cloudpunk – PS5, PS4 

It is a wonderful adventure that lets you hear the stories of this city as you are a taxi driver. Cloudpunk, it is a celestial and buzzing sci-fi city. 

  • Gravity Rush 2 – PS4 

As it never ever been made available on PS Plus (except for some Asian areas). So, if you think about it, with the series fully dormant in the game space, it seems like an easy choice. 

  • Marvel’s Avengers – PS5, PS4 

Keeping in mind, that Marvel’s Avengers has not had the kind of resurgence it was hoping for. And being already on the higher tiers of the service, we could hope that Sony giving it out to everyone as a final appeal to try and resuscitate the dying live service before Square Enix decides to fully sunset support. 

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