How to know the game time on PS5 and PS4?

How to know the game time on PS5 and PS4?

By dayannastefanny

One of the key new features in the PS5 overhaul that began rolling out this afternoon is the ability to see how many hours we’ve spent in our games. The difference is that, before PS5 arrived, you couldn’t test it in other ways.

Fortunately, it seems that Sony’s news has opened the door to this possibility, and in addition to being able to see how many hours we’ve spent on sources like Destiny and PS5, we can also do so with third-party services like exophasia.  A sort of social network for the gaming community, where you can keep track of all the achievements, accomplishments, and statistics of your latest video games on the platform, from PSN itself to Steam. This was based on the fact that the creators of the game decided to show that it is already available to everyone with the latest devices on the platform, and if you want to know how many hours you’ve spent on your favorite game, you see the same thing. simple. just create an account on the platform and start tearing your hair out. It’s much easier than reserving a PS5.

How to check the number of hours played on PS5 and PS4 games?

The process is so simple that it can be reduced to three easy steps. We explain everything in detail, but first, we must say that to properly monitor the time of our games, we must log in with our PlayStation Network account, like the one we used during PS4.

  1. First, go to your Profile. The icon is in the upper right corner, next to the settings icon.
  2. We will see a display with status, and trophies, we click on Profile.
  3. Now, we select the Games section, which shows us the hours, statistics, and percentage of completion of the trophies that we have achieved in all our PS4 and PS5 games to date.
  4. We can see how many days have passed since the first time we played them.

Summary of your game data

In this section above, you will have several tabs where your data is organized.

  1. The first thing you will see is a summary of how many hours you played in 2020, as well as the number of games you played that year. You will have other information such as the genre you played the most, the number of hours you played, the hours you played locally, and the hours you played online.
  2. You will also see the number of days you played and a graph with the average hours for each day of the week.
  3. Once you are done, you will be given a title for your profile, and you will have the option to publish your information on social networks.
  4. Finally, you can also do all this in your mobile browser, since the website where the statistics are displayed adapts to the size of the screen you are using. You can do it wherever is more comfortable for you.


If you have two-step verification enabled, which is very important to protect your account, an SMS will be sent to your phone with a code that you must enter to prove that you can access your account and not someone else who guessed it. your password.



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