Learn how to share games on your XBOX Games

Learn how to share games on your XBOX Games

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How to share XBOX games?

Before you begin, you and your friend must find ways to interact with each other and be prepared to exchange account information, including information such as email addresses associated with Xbox accounts and corresponding passwords.

However, two people can share a digital library by exchanging their login information on each computer, as long as the corresponding accounts are active on each computer. Of course, it is important to note that you can only set up one console (X Series, S Series, or Xbox One) as the “primary Xbox”.

Also, you can change the primary console no more than five times a year. But other than that, the only limitation of sharing the library this way is that you can’t share games taken from the physical disc to the console (such as other backward-compatible games), even if people can play the same gameplay on different consoles at the same time.

From here, we’ll explain in the following steps what you and your partner should do on Xbox One consoles. To share libraries, you must repeat this process twice: once to connect your Xbox One to your friend’s account and secondly to connect your Xbox One to your account. In case you don’t know how to do it, follow the next steps.

  1. Having logged in to the other person, we will go back to System.
  2. Personalization and my main Xbox.
  3. Finally, all you have to do is access the games library by selecting My Games and Apps and then Ready to Install. Here you should see a list of all the games that your account can access.


This will now include both your own games, as well as those of your shared gaming partner. Sharing also allows you to split an Xbox Live Gold account between the two of you.

How many times can you share an Xbox One game?

The terms and conditions to know the Microsoft account with Game Pass can only be connected to two Xbox consoles and a PC with Windows 10, so you should consider this limitation.

Things to consider before sharing games

This feature has its own risks and you should be aware of them: your friend will be able to make purchases with your Xbox Store account, so be careful about the information you store in your account. We recommend that you only stop sharing the game with a trusted friend or family member. If you lose your Internet connection and your Xbox One is not registered as a local Xbox, you will not be able to access your game library. Other users on your computer will not be able to access your Xbox Live Gold games or membership unless it is your local Xbox computer.

You will need to repeat this process if one of you purchased a new Xbox One or upgraded to an Xbox One X. Microsoft allows you to replace your Xbox console five times a year, starting with the first replacement. In other words, you can’t keep switching accounts with friends to share different games. We recommend that you choose someone you trust and consult with them before sharing account information.

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