Meet the new game that will be coming to Minecraft.

Meet the new game that will be coming to Minecraft.

By dayannastefanny

Minecraft legends is a video game that will be released by the year 2023 although it is not yet known by what day or month it will be released. This game was developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive and published by Xbox Game Studios.

What are Minecraft legends going to be about?

This is a video game derived from Minecraft the main character rides a horse and, from an active position on the battlefield, marches and directs troops while you move with them and in this case will have to defeat the Piglins to protect your home, for this you must form a group strategically in order to protect it from these invaders that only Piglins before the corruption of the Nether devour the surface.

On what platforms will it be possible to find this game?

Minecraft Legends to date is planned to be released on the following platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

What kind of modes and what genres will this video game have?

This video game will be both single-player and multiplayer where you can play in real-time with your friends and its genre will be action.

What is expected with this new game?

This new video game is expected to attract more players with the help of its endless gameplay and in a way the Minecraft franchises are much more recognized because after the last and successful incursion of Minecraft Dungeons, it will take the risk with Minecraft Legends and with its trailer you can see different graphics and new characters that will help the player to be part of the video game.

This game will have easy access to all the public and will have proposals easier to understand for potential players and it is known that this game can be controlled by mobs (which for those who are not very familiar with this topic are creatures that can be hurt or attacked by falling into the void and by the players themselves).

And although it is expected to know more details of this game as well as their prices, the characteristics of their characters or even if there are last minute changes with strategies, even so, you can play your first Gameplay in this will be handled in a very similar way to Dragon Quest Builders (A video game of open world action and construction set in the world of Alefgard).

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