Minecraft comes to Bikini Bottom!

Minecraft comes to Bikini Bottom!

By Valentina Tuta

Minecraft comes to Bikini Bottom! We know this construction game is the most famous of the last few years, in fact, its infinite maps have caught the attention of all kinds of audiences. But this time, developers set about the task of creating a universe under the marine ocean biome. Mind you, a little different from how you know it if you’re a long-time follower since this time you won’t only find fish, treasure chests or kelp because thanks to Nickelodeon and Spark Universe a new SpongeBob DLC is coming to Minecraft.

Certainly, the little square-pants sponge is a character that will always be present in the memory of many of us. What’s more, who hasn’t dreamed of walking the streets of the colorful Bikini Bottom or strolling through the jellyfish fields like little Bob did? Well, with this immersive downloadable content you will be able to meet the Krusty Krab and even take a ride on one of the boats of Mrs. Puff’s Sailing School.

On the SpongeBob map that Minecraft designed for you, you’ll have a lot of options to explore the place and interact with other characters like Sandy and Patrick whom you will have to help with your building skills. Also, you will face Plankton’s tricks so you will have to defend the Krusty Krab and battle with a horde of hungry anchovies in a combat-based mini-game that will have you throwing defensive burgers. Other skills you can experience on your journey through the seabed include jumping, racing, solving and building your own path and completing six epic quests.

But the building challenge you are going to face this time will be the task of creating something that makes someone else’s day better. Potato baths, dogs, boat rides, pizza in the woods, and giant ice cream, writers were so creative that the only limit here will be your imagination to come up with creations that will make the residents of Bikini Bottom happy, as is classic Bob.

Lastly, the inspiration was so great that creators have expressed with the community their desire to learn about their own designs and buildings based on the universe of SpongeBob SquarePants. In the same way, you will be able to acquire a free SpongeBob Character Creator item from the dressing room in the Minecraft Marketplace to keep the fun going. So what are you waiting for to make Bikini Bottom day brighter for everyone? Remember that the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, which is sold separately, is required and that the limit of free items per account is 1. 

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