Meet the ZV-1, a new digital pocketable camera by Sony

Meet the ZV-1, a new digital pocketable camera by Sony

By carolc

With the ascent of vlogging society across the world, all the companies and brands related to the field of media and photography are producing these imaging gadgets rapidly. One of the biggest manufacturers are Sony. Sony, the well-known Japanese company is always in the race of creating innovate products and delivering effective solutions. Their cameras are well known for their mesmerizing image quality and up to date technology. Their products such as Sony RX100 series and Sony RX0 Mark II are quite popular with the vloggers and photographers. Another product they launched was Sony ZV-1, a new digital pocketable camera in a relatively low price specially designed for the vloggers (digital media content creators).

The ZV-1 has a stacked EXMOR RS CMOS image sensor (1.0 type) with a chip (DRAM), and a large aperture lens which is 70mm. The background blur effect it causes is one of a kind. The accuracy and speed with which it tracks the subject is worth watching. It locks the subject and for the amateurs it has an autofocus system. The latest generation image processor provides high resolution image. It reduces the color noise all by itself.  The best feature; 4K movie recording (video recording) meets all the video needs one camera can offer. For the selfies, it has a side opening LCD screen on which it has an option to connect audio accessories too.

Key features of the Sony ZV-1

Auto Focus feature quickly, on its own, switches between background and the foreground (where usually main subject is). It effortlessly captures, even the moving objects, without missing the focus. Those days are gone when you had to place a card or even hand in front of the lens, first de focus and then focus on the subject. This ZV-1 has a spot-on auto focus feature which prompts the camera to smoothly focus the object.

And the vlogging feature is helped by rotation of the flip out screen. There is a recording button at the front side of the camera.

The pocketable, cute little size makes it very easy to handle.

In this small, compact camera there is another feature called Advanced Realtime Eye-AF. The face priority and auto exposure features are notable too. It also has a view called pop up, which acts as a view finder. It has a sharp zoom lens too.

Even in extreme exposure and excessive light it holds on to the face it is focusing. It sets the exposure and tries to maintain the ideal amount of brightness needed for a perfect shot according to the background. This not only prevents the dark, off the frame shots as well as it maintains the color tone.

The microphone provides with high quality, clear voice. It has a 3-capsule mic which helps in depleting of any background noise present. For the purpose of vlogging with this camera you can rely on this product.

With all these qualities, there exist some flaws as well which are as follows

It has a poor battery life. If you want a wide angle lens this is not for you. The touch features are not that many and the screen black outs completely if there is a polarized sunglass on a subject. Moreover, face detection is a little difficult while there is a mask on.

The camera comes without a charger. And there should have a Micro USB port rather than a USB-C type.

The video stabilization is not quite up to the mark and real-time eye Auto Focus for wildlife photography is not available for movie shooting. Audio recording is not available too.

User Reviews

According to the users Sony ZV-1 is best pocket vlogging camera in town. It has the best video features of Sony RX100 series, including its class leading autofocus (which is its best feature) and it combines them with design tweaks that makes it ideal for shooting video content at home or on the move.

Its principle quality is the mix of a splendid 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 focal point with Sony’s Real-time following and Real-time Eye AF frameworks. Along with the ZV’s 1-inch sensor, which is bigger than those in the present cell phones, these make it simple to shoot excellent video blogs with satisfying foundation obscure and predictable core interest. It also contains super high frame rates like 240FPS,480FPS, 960FPS. To shoot in slow-motion then you can shoot in 1080 at 60 or 120 frames per second.

The consideration of a 3.5mm mouthpiece port methods it’s generally simple to add great quality sound to coordinate your recordings, while a hot shoe lets you mount adornments like a shotgun mic or LED light without requiring a section to help them.

This is especially valuable in light of the fact that, while the ZV-1’s three-container inside receiver is an improvement over the inherent mics found in the RX100 arrangement and other conservative cameras, it despite everything misses the mark concerning offering sound that coordinates the nature of its video. You do get a windshield packaged with the camera, which is basic for when you’re shooting in windy conditions.

Our Verdict about the Sony ZV-1

The Sony ZV-1 is a solid vlogging camera you can purchase. Its blend of a splendid focal point, eminent self-adjust and configuration changes like the side-flipping screen make it a ground-breaking pocket video choice with hardly any friends. Those who are looking for super-smooth strolling film may discover its picture adjustment a slight let-down, and it has a couple of recognizable convenience eccentricities, however the ZV-1 remains the best video all-rounder in its weight class.

In general, we think this is an improbable and malleable camera for those who make video content like vlogs. The cost is higher so you can purchase a DSLR at this value point.

However, in case you’re not into specialized things or would prefer something more user friendly then this is certainly the course to take. In case you’re a beginner in vlogging or simply need to keep things straightforward and simple to learn, we’d enthusiastically suggest the ZV-1.

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