Microsoft and Apple now work together

Microsoft and Apple now work together

By dayannastefanny

Apple already released updates for its Windows applications and Microsoft is doing the same with its applications recently released a new Windows 11 – 2022 update in more than 190 countries around the world.

This is a very important and positive step for the user experience of both companies. After all, many Apple users also have Windows computers. Restrictions on sharing information between the two operating systems only hindered the workflow and sold macOS as the only solution.

Despite the popularity of Windows and iOS, both systems have always had problems with integration. Fortunately for users, that’s changing. A new announcement from Microsoft shows that it is working with Cupertino to bring iCloud integration to Windows 11.

First, Apple will incorporate iCloud Photo Library into the Windows Photos 11 app ecosystem, bringing it closer to competing for operating systems natively. Remember that a rudimentary integration through the iCloud for Windows app has been in place so far, this integration with iCloud Photos gives iPhone owners easy access to all their precious memories in one organized place, another part of our ongoing effort to make the Windows 11 experience seamless.

New integrations with Apple services

However, it looks like the two companies have finally come to an agreement, but that’s not all. Microsoft and Apple are also working to bring different Apple services to Windows 11 both services offer web versions, but neither has a dedicated app for use on Windows computers. Microsoft and Apple have confirmed that Windows users will soon be able to access the new Apple Music and Apple TV+ apps. Currently, Windows users must log in through a web browser to view Apple TV+ content, while Apple Music can be accessed through the website or iTunes, which was discontinued several years ago.

How to synchronize the services?

The integration process is very simple and linear. Follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to the Microsoft Store from your Windows computer.
  2. Subsequently, update the Photos app that comes integrated with the operating system.
  3. Once this step is ready, download iCloud for Windows from the Microsoft Store.
  4. When it is installed on your computer, open the new app and sign in using your Apple ID.

Your Photos app and iCloud for Windows should sync in a few minutes. This allows you to view photos and videos captured on your iPhone from your computer by simply opening the Photos app on Windows.

This is part of Apple’s expansion to more platforms. As a result, we are seeing a shift in corporate strategy, prioritizing subscription services over physical product sales.

How to use the free iCloud password manager?

To use this tool, you must go through a simple activation process. First sign into your iPhone with your Apple ID, go to settings and search for iCloud, you will see the Keychain option and enable the button there, sign in with your account, search for iCloud, then Keychain, and turn on the button. However, if you are doing this from a Windows computer, you must first install iCloud, sign in with your Apple account, go to Passwords and turn it on.

Safari is the focus, but you can download extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge from the same app on your PC.

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