Persona 5 Royal available now

Persona 5 Royal available now

By camilaforero

Now you can explore Tokyo as a student during the day and steal hearts as a phantom thief at night in Persona 5 Royal, this is a critically acclaimed and award-winning RPG from Atlus. Persona 5 Royal is available to play now for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, as well as with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

It has unique and exclusive visuals that you won’t find anywhere else, the game consists of playing as a student who was forced to move to Tokyo and encounters a strange dream, also you need to save others from distorted desires. “You truly are a prisoner of fate. In the near future, ruin awaits you.”

The Day

During the day in the game you can attend classes, share with friends and enjoy various activities that can be done after school, such as playing darts, shopping and working part-time throughout the year. Also, some of the people you meet during the game in the city have special skills and talents, and when there is a bond of trust you can ally with them and you can also learn and improve the skills you have and acquire during the game.

The Night

When it gets dark you can transform into a Phantom Thief of Hearts, this way you can enter mysterious Palaces that are in the Metaverse and then kill the powerful Shadows that are there.

The objective is that you can steal the Treasure that is found in the depths of these Palaces, so that you can later change the minds and hearts of the corrupt, as well as become the voice of the powerless and also take back the world and save it.

Persona 5 Royal in this edition includes more than forty DLC items, as well as costumes, background music, and an additional difficulty level. You can explore Tokyo, unlock Personas, you can even get a chance to experience alternate endings and also customize your own personal Thieves Den, among many other things that can be enjoyed in the game.

It is also worth mentioning that Persona 5 Royal with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) supports five touch control layouts, allowing it to adapt to your in-game activities including battles, exploration, cutscenes, mini-games, and purchases. Also, with these designs you will be able to have a better gaming experience that is optimized for each game scenario and that is much better for you.

Where you can find the game?

The game is now available for you to purchase and you can start this wonderful RPG game with many in-game battles and stories that you will like. You can check the trailer of the game by clicking here and make the purchase here.  

It should also be noted that you can enjoy Persona 5 Royal on Game Pass through PC, Xbox consoles and other devices with the use of xCloud at no additional cost, this is one of the best games released lately that you will surely enjoy a lot.

Don’t forget that you can stay informed of new updates and the latest news for Persona for Xbox and Windows PC through the Xbox Wire and Atlus social networks as well as the games you can play through Windows and also by clicking here you can check all the news about new games.