New features and updates for Android 13

New features and updates for Android 13

By Valentina Tuta

New features and updates for Android 13 that are equipped with new capabilities for phones and tablets, such as extending the app’s color theme to more applications, language settings, improved privacy controls, and even the ability to copy text from other means from an Android to another just with one click. In this opportunity, we will show you 13 reasons to keep choosing Android.


1. The last update brings a look based on Material You. So that you can customize your apps that are not Google Services to match the theme and the colors of your mobile wallpaper to suit your style.

2. For those polyglot users, a main function has been added to assign specific languages to individual applications to keep your phone’s system in one language and each of your apps in a different one.

3. Between Android 13 improvements, an interactive media player has been released. And this tool adapts its appearance depending on the music or podcast you are listening to. Therefore, when you are listening to music, the player will show the corresponding  album cover while the reproduction bar dances as the song progresses (also valid for media played from Chrome).

4. Not all is about customize your phone, because for Android, user welfare is a priority, so now it will allow you to personalize Bedtime mode even more with the wallpaper’s attenuation and the dark theme to make your eyes adapt to the dark when you are about to go to bed or go back to sleep easily if you check your phone in the middle of the night. 

Protection and Security

5. For more privacy, you can now select only the specific pictures and videos your apps need to access instead of sharing all your media library.

6. Avoids unwanted access to your clipboard. Sometimes, users copy confidential information (emails, telephone numbers, credentials, addresses, even passwords) onto their clipboard, and some of that information stays there for a long time. But now, Android will automatically delete history after a period of time.

7. Another innovation we have to highlight is the explicit permissions for notification since now the operative system will ensure that you only receive the alerts you have requested and this will apply to all the applications you download.

Devices work together

8. Within the audio updates, Android introduced the new special function called Spatial Audio, which you can take advantage of by using compatible earphones. This feature allows head tracking so that the sound source will change to suit the way you turn your head to give you a more immersive experience (available for phones or tablets).

9. In order to avoid interruptions in the workflow, you can now broadcast your messaging apps on your Chromebook’s screen to continue exchanging messages from your PC.

10. The new function Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio was developed to decrease the delay and improve the synchronization with a sound source that will allow you to enjoy a high quality of audio while streaming it to several devices at the same time.

11. Soon, you will be able to copy content (URLs, images, text, or videos) from your Android mobile and paste it on your tablet or vice versa.

12. However, not all the updates are for smartphones. In fact, in Android 13, the multitasking bar of tablets has been improved. Thus, you can now see all your apps at a glance and easily drag and drop any of them into your library in the Divided Screen mode.

13. Likewise, these devices will register the palm of the hand and the optical pen as separate touches. Then, whether you are writing or drawing on your tablet, there will be fewer accidental smudges that come from simply resting your hand on the screen.

As you see, Android 13 is completely covered with its countless updates and features, such as HDR video support in third-party camera apps, upgraded media output switches, braille displays for Talkback, among others. Also, it goes beyond phones as it now provides us with a connected experience set through all their gadgets, including tablets and PCs.

Lastly, it has been established for this year that Android will also arrive on your favorite devices from Samsung Galaxy, Asus, HMD (Nokia phones), iQOO, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, Vivo, Xiaomi, and more.

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