New Meta changes that you are updating

New Meta changes that you are updating

By dayannastefanny

Meta demonstrates a Messenger feature called Roll Call. This feature will invite users to share content after receiving a notification through a group chat, in a format very similar to the one that characterizes BeReal today.

Meta and its BeReal clone

BeReal is an application that encourages users to improvise instead of looking for the perfect frame in their publications, to encourage improvisation. Therefore, we have a system of warnings and a reduced period to share content.

Every day, all users will receive notifications at random times at the same time, but their functionality will vary from day to day. Once you access the platform, take two minutes to take parallel photos from two perspectives: the rear lens and the front of the “smartphone“.

Meta took this approach and incorporated into Messenger a completely new feature called Roll Call, available for Messenger group chats, and confirmed to TechCrunch that it is now running internally. With this feature, the technology company aims to “allow people to share authentic moments with friends and family”, initially designed to share images and videos. roll call.

Through his Twitter profile, Navarra said that unlike BeReal, which works with a notification system created by our application, Roll Call allows users to send notifications themselves at any time of the day, for other members of the group to share says you can. image.

This notification will reach all your chat competitors and you can consolidate requests like “show me your food”. In this situation, the period during which the user can share content is shortened, for example, a 5-minute countdown. Users can view the rest of their photos only after sharing theirs.

As inventor Alessandro Paluzz warned last August, it should be remembered that Meta was inspired by this feature BeReal before taking it to Instagram. Later, the company confirmed to Engadget that it was also listed as an “inside scoop”.

TikTok and its BeReal clone

The French social application has been made a name repeatedly. BeReal invites users to take photos with front and rear cameras at random times every day. yourself doing something interesting). Snapchat and Instagram have already released front and rear camera features, and Instagram is rumored to be working on its temporary feature based on an era. But TikTok surpassed the participants by becoming the first application that simply cuts and sticks BeReal on the platform.

“TikTok Now uses the front and back cameras of your device to invite you and your friends to capture what you are doing at the moment,” reads the company’s blog. “Every day I get a warning to capture a 10-second video clip or a still photo and easily share what I’m doing”.

Every day, when BeReal is turned off, the user will receive an automatic notification “It’s BeReal time” with an alert emoji. TikTok notifications look the same. The user is notified that it is “Time to Now” among lightning emojis, which is not the same tone as BeReal.

TikTok says the feature is now available to users in the U.S. In the demo images, you can see that “Now” has occupied an important place in the bottom navigation bar, next to the share button. For our part, at least we still don’t see the functionality. TikTok added that in other areas, TikTok Now can be downloaded as a standalone application.

BeReal has its privacy flaws: if you are not careful to turn off your location, you may accidentally share information about where you live, up to the street name, with all your friends. Sure, BeReal is meant to be used in your main social circle, but come on. It’s the Internet, there’s a public source! In TikTok shared image layouts, the location is not part of the TikTok Now interface.

So, at launch, TikTok Now has several built-in privacy features. As with TikTok, if someone under the age of 16 signs up for the free TikTok Now app, their account will be closed by default. In addition, users must be 18 years old to share their publication BeReals TikTok Now in the news section. For users 13 to 15 years old, only your friends (people you follow and follow) can comment on your posts. Even for users over 18, the default setting only allows friends to view your posts, although they can modify their settings to share the world if they wish.

It constantly looks like a low shot when each of the social apps is copied into each other. How many applications now have a TikTok clone? However, BeReal is not part of a big tech giant like Instagram or YouTube; the company has less than 50 employees, according to Crunchbase. The way it is.


BeReal’s popularity last year has prompted social media giants to rush to launch their similar features, as users have shown interest in the authentic ways they continue to share. Last September, TikTok released a BeReal clone called TikTok Now, which essentially cuts and sticks BeReal on its platform. A few months later, Instagram introduced Honest Stories, another BeReal clone that fits the same criteria. Even Snapchat has joined BeReal by launching the “Dual Camera” feature.

Over the last year, we have seen how well-known social networks copy each other in many ways. Sometimes these apps will be oversaturated with similar features, which may not be what customers want. It is worth noting that Meta seems to try to find listings on other platforms, including Instagram. Last October, the founder and engineer behind Alessandro Paluzzi discovered that Instagram was developing a roll call function for MDFs. Since Appell is still an internal early model, it is not known when or if Meta plans to roll out the functionality publicly. As with any early copy, the finished product may look different than the test product.

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