New updates available for Windows 11

New updates available for Windows 11

By dayannastefanny

These new Windows 11 updates are exclusive, just improved with a new design that makes it easier to use on computers with touch screens, in addition, it acquires the ability to organize multiple Edge tabs.

New updates

  1. Windows Studio Effects arrives: it is an integrated application that, using artificial intelligence, seeks to improve the image of the camera of our computer and the audio of the microphone so that we look and listen better in video calls.
  2. Sessions of Concentration and Do not disturb: Stay focused and do not interrupt the session. Windows 11 silences notifications and disables taskbar pop-ups when you start a focus session. You can also set focus timers and schedule reminders for theft from your clock.
  3. Task Manager: Task Manager now has adopted Fluent UI styling at the functional level as Efficiency Mode arrives.
  4. File Explorer Tabs: Long available on Linux and macOS systems, we will soon be able to pin important files to the File Explorer home page and more.
  5. Photos: The Photos app in Windows 11 will debut a new gallery view that promises to simplify browsing, searching, and managing our photo collection. It will also allow backups to OneDrive.
  6. Taskbar overflow: It was one of the rumored functions. If we open many applications, they will be displayed in an overflow menu in the taskbar, facilitating access to them and improving user productivity.
  7. Improvements in close sharing: Windows 11 will also allow you to share the desktop more easily with other devices.
  8. Suggested actions when copying: When copying, for example, phone numbers or dates, users will get suggested actions such as making a call through Teams or adding an event to the calendar.
  9. Tabbed File Explorer: File Explorer continues to improve with Windows always looking for ways to simplify everyday tasks and make collaboration as easy as possible to help you organize your files and easily switch between folders.
  10. Suggested Actions: Collaborate with colleagues, be more efficient is anticipating your needs, and will highlight and click to call you using different applications.

How to install Windows 11?

the notification that it is available can arrive to some users before, to others, in any case, we will always have the option to initiate a manual update not to have to wait.

  1. The first thing to do is to enter Configuration.
  2. Then go to Windows Update.
  3. In the screen administration of updates, it is necessary to click on Search for updates.
  4. Wait for Windows 11 2022 to appear.